Self-Improvement – 3 productive goals to work towards in 2020

productive goals to work towards

Want to get yourself into a more productive mindset for the remainder of the year, and prepare yourself for the challenges of 2021 in the best way possible? Thinking of ways to get more productive, but not sure of where to start, or what to put your energy into? To help get the gears in motion a little bit, here are a few different examples of achievable goals you could put your mind to and work towards.

Learning a new skill

Ever wanted to learn an instrument in order to serenade your friends with ‘Wonderwall’ at a party? Want to learn a new language so that you can order the bill when on holiday? These sorts of things are many people’s new years resolutions, but unfortunately get pushed to the wayside. 

Setting yourself the challenge of learning a new skill is easier than ever with small, incremental smartphone apps and guides. By keeping up appearances every day with apps like Duolingo for languages and Yousician for learning instruments, you can have fun learning and only take a few minutes out of each busy day. Before you know it, you’ll have an extra productive skill to add to your growing repertoire! 

Saving and investing for your future

Money is, of course, an important factor in every one of our lives, and it’s often the source of a lot of stress, too. Many people nowadays don’t have a lot of money stored away for their future, and so building a better financial portfolio might be a great step in reducing financial stress. Doing this could help you to look forward positively to your future, without having the threat of bills and payments looming in the back of your mind at all times. 

To start with, you might want to try out some different savings challenges and games in order to help get yourself into a better savings mindset. There are a ton out there online to look and try, such as the 1P savings challenge, for example, and you’ll quickly find at least an extra bit of cash in your account at the end of each month to put into a rainy-day fund. Depending on the amount of money you have saved away, you might also decide to put it into a long-term investment strategy. RWinvest have a range of guides, podcasts and videos that could help if looking into buying a rental property as an additional income stream, for example.

Building a side-hustle

Got a passion or hobby that you think you might be able to monetize as a side-hustle and project? There are a ton of freelancers making money online each and every day, and with the amount of different platforms to get set up on, it’s easier than ever to make money from your passion. Whether it’s a book that you’ve always wanted to write, graphic design work that you know you could do for professional clients or even your own jewelry and crafts that you would like to set up and sell on an online storefront, it’s all worth looking into, especially if you’re doing all these things for fun already!

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