If You Have You Been Seeing Crows Often, This Is What It Means

If You Have You Been Seeing Crows Often, This Is What It Means

If You Have You Been Seeing Crows Often, This Is What It Means

Crows are international symbols of mystery, death, magic, and intrigue. They have earned a place in fiction as mostly negative elements, but traditionally they have a more dynamic and varied presence.

Crows can travel to different dimensions like the dream realm, the land of the dead, home of gods, hells and heavens with ease. They frequently carry messages to and fro the world’s.

A group of crows is called a murder of crows and this imaginative description relays the public’s opinion of them. They are very intelligent, as intelligent as most primates in fact.

They are very socially developed creatures, having complex methods of conversing with each other. This, coupled with highly developed memories, their behavior is unlike any other family of birds.

If You Have You Been Seeing Crows Often, This Is What It Means

1. Change

In all cultures, crows are harbingers for change. They represent the deeper and powerful elements of nature. They are present wherever there are life and death. They are omnivorous and born survivors, some have even been documented using tools. They are not subject to the same whims as other birds. If they choose to go somewhere, it is because they want to, not because their survival depends on it. It makes the choices in destination all the more peculiar.

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2. Magic Or Clairvoyance

Crows are frequently associated with magic and unseen powers. Familiars are magical companions of witches and they would frequently take the form of crows. Crows appearing in dreams means that there are elements of truth in the dream.

It can also mean that a higher power or spirit is trying to talk to you. Heed the message well as crows only appear in times of dire need. Crows have the ability to see beyond our physical selves, seeing into our soul self. As a result, if a crow is interacting with you look into the implications, as crows don’t lightly interact with anything.

3. Death

This is the most well-known association with crow. Many cultures have lore in which the crow plays a role in guiding souls or signaling the recently departed. Around the world crows stalk graveyards and were always seen gathering around battlefields.

Crows may show up after someone passes away and may deliver a message from the departed. The appearance of a crow does not always mean or bode the coming or recent death of someone. Its appearance can also mean that death was lurking and considering taking someone but has passed on.

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Source – Higher Perspectives

Have You Been Seeing Crows Everywhere You Go This Is What It Means!
If You Have You Been Seeing Crows Often, This Is What It Means

38 thoughts on “If You Have You Been Seeing Crows Often, This Is What It Means”

  1. Avatar of Marie

    May I ask what deitys/god/ess(s) crows are representations of? If not that’s ok! Great article too! Definitely dont regret it

  2. Avatar of Kristen

    I have been seeing 3 crows first in my yard and then the power line in front of my house wondering what it means and what they may be trying to tell me any thoughts

  3. Avatar of Deedee

    I was woken up with a note from a dream and I really woke up and there was a crow in my house he was sick looking my dog was barking and I put every light on in the house because it was flying around my house I swear to God the crow went through my van and out the door of the vent but the only problem was my vet is going a crossed and there’s no way in hell that crow could fit through those brackets. I slept that night with my open and every light on the funny thing is a question myself about what I seen but I know my dog was barking like crazy before he even got up and I remember the crow exactly staring at me hanging off my doorway and he looked very sick I don’t know what that means and it’s been bothering me ever since this happened about a year and a half ago.

  4. Avatar of Lisa

    I had to watch a crow drowned and their was nothing I could do to help, when the wind eventually blew the crow over to me I put the body in field near by and loads of crow flew over the body as if to mourn the death, making lots of noise, I sat by and watched feeling very emotional as I love crows and they have a particular meaning for me going back to my childhood.
    I will never forget that moment when it took its last gasp

  5. Avatar of LarkEllen

    I love crows, we have lot’s in my neighborhood and I feed them every now a and then along with the other birds I never thought anything negative about them. Also love The Minds Journal ♥️ Interesting Thing’s to Think and Talk About. Thank You All.

    1. Avatar of Paula

      Yes the crows will know your voice. They also will remember your face very well. They will also remember you and whether or not you are kind to them. They tend to like shiny objects as well. They have 250 different sounds that they make an order to communicate with each other. Crows are so intelligent and will come around you if you show kindness to them

      1. Avatar of Sue Swan

        I have several here and a very large one I talk to every time he shows up, I have named him Evermore. There have been a couple of times we have talked for close to half an hour. I haven’t seen him since this cold spell set in two weeks ago with negitive 0 temps. I hope they are all ok and I can’t wait to see him again

  6. Avatar of Russell Bentley

    No Ive been seeing Ravens they have a nest about 70 or 80 metres away , I leave food and water for them times are not good , lots of birds are coming here their just one type getting fed , very bad drought . last year all Ravens baby’s died in that nest , if we don`t get good rain soon it might happen again , nature is very tuff and it’s sad to see such beautiful bird’s die as young because their just isn’t the food needed to raise them , people need to throw their food scrap out side not in the trash cans .

  7. Avatar of Terry Hancock

    For some strange reason I have become infatuated with Crows. I have a thirst for knowledge of anything to do with Crows

  8. Avatar of Margareta Öström
    Margareta Öström

    The Raven has always followed me.whereever I moved in my life, acuple showed up. If I’m sorry, I’ve definitley seen it. Was told that it is my protective animal in this life’which does not surprise me . Exciting to see what is to comewhen I had about 10 over my head the other day. Never seen so many at oce before.
    When I had a farm with many different animals, including pigs that roamed freely in a large paddock. A Reven couple came faithfully and ate with them . Looked so lovely when everyone was sitting waiting for me att the same bell tower.

  9. Avatar of Kathy

    Hi, when I was a child a lone crow showed up on our street. He was very friendly, but mostly with me. I was the only child on the street that could touch him and he would allow me to pet him. My parents believed he was someone’s pet, but no one seem to be looking for him. He could say a few words and some of them were swear words, but his favorite word was feed me and when he learned my sisters name, it became feed me Jackie. His favorite snack was chocolate chip cookies. He would either peck at the front door or mine and my sisters bedroom window calling feed me or feed me Jackie. I could go on and on about my special friend but mostly I wanted to say, this bird became my protector. When I was outside playing, he was always there, when I was walking to the bus stop to go to school, he would ride along perched on my head until I was close to the stop, then he would fly away. Once, when my friend and I were playing marbles, a dog came running down the road and it scared me, Blackie, who was perched on the eavestrough watching us, waiting to steal a marble, took off after the dog chasing him and nipping at its tail. These are just a couple of stories I remember about Blackie, and I swear they are true, but I wonder what it meant and why me(so glad that it was).

  10. Avatar of Ruthie

    My father’s nick name was Crow… I lost him April 10, 2020.. He rode his Harley days before he died. He was a amazing man… and My best friend. I collect crows… I miss my Papa…. we worked together 6 days a week 10 hours a day for 10 years… I M LOST WITHOUT HIM.

    1. Avatar of Cyndi & Joe

      Do you happen to live in RI? My husband and I knew a man called Crow. We haven’t seen or heard from him in years!

  11. Avatar of Elsa Doe

    Well in my neck of the woods, crows usually means a Fox is on the prowl, trying to get my chickens…which in turn means the crows won’t get any eggs lol…

  12. Avatar of Pia Nussbaum

    You bet! Let me tell you this little story – there is this forest in my home town Cologne, where I’m always going to and in the middle of it, there is this huge clearing were I always saw a crow couple now and then. Once we had a really rough winter here and I was thinking about these crows, that they probably didn’t find nothing to eat, as everything was completly frozen. So I bought a bag of wallnuts, went to the clearing, hoping to see those crows again and to my surprise they were there again and I started to feed them. This was such an overwhelming moment for me that I kept on doing this from that day on, which is already years ago. And the mind blowing thing about it is, that they of course recognise me already in the meanwhile from way far away when I come out of the forest into this clearing and then approach me right away, which is more than amazing to me each and everytime this happens! Heartbraking 🙂 <3

    1. Avatar of Eman Asaad

      that’s because you’re lovely … & yes crows can recognize us, and i bet they would help if we ever are in trouble & they could help .. unlike humans, all other creatures are grateful ..!

    2. Avatar of Anjali Kiran Negi

      I see crows everywhere i go, twice they have even took up a swipe at my head, in my neighborhood they always seem to hoard up around our house, there was this phase when they used to use our roof as dining table, every morning i would have to clean bits of leftovers meat, bones and stuff, in no small quantity, it was really strange and eerie

      They even show up in most of the movies, books tv shows i pick

  13. Avatar of Eman Asaad

    crows are beautiful birds, they are very intelligent, and are perfectly harmless, they don’t attack people, why everyone hates them is first, because they are black and the stupid people consider black animals and birds to bring bad luck, second, because though they look like pigeons, they don’t taste good, their flesh is not eatable, third, its because their voices are not as attractive as sparrows!
    YET, they are intelligent, beautiful, interesting if you keep quiet & watch them, and they can be very friendly and funny ….
    i was once a kid who had biscuits in my pocket & i fed them … they looked at me with love … they never attacked me … i consider them friends since then … bottom line: stop discriminating crows!

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