Save The Planet As You Relocate: Go Green With These Simple Tips!!!

Save the planet as you relocate

Moving is a crucial part of our lives. You have to move several times in your life because of several reasons. As per the statistics, the top rated cheap moving companies help thousands of Americans move local, interstate and nationwide every year. While the moving industry has the full capacity to move many more consumers, there are a few points about the industry that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

It is noted by consumers that the moving industry is not environmentally friendly because there is lots of waste in this industry. Every moving process leaves behind several items such as bubble wrap, boxes, tapes, and so on. As most of the items used in the move can be used only once, every move generates a lot of trash.

However, this isn’t just one side of the truth. The moving industry has worked so hard to ensure that they leave a minimal footprint on the planet. In this post, we will discuss the ‘4R’ approach that movers use to ensure a safe move. The 4R stands for Recycle, Reuse, Remove, and Resell.

Go green by recycling unwanted items such as furniture and other electronic items:

Whenever you decide to move, first of all, you should plan what items you want to take with you and which ones are unwanted. Planning early will allow you enough time to identify items in the waste that can be easily recycled.

Rather than throwing these away in waste, you can recycle them and upgrade them into pieces of great value. You can use these items at your new home or sell them for a gif price.

Go green by reselling the unwanted items:

Of course, reselling is one of the most preferable options for all people. By reselling items that are no more useful to you, you can easily earn some money. If the item does not reap you a good price you can always recycle it and then sell for a better quote. Set the price of the items according to their condition and age. Even if you get a small price for these oldies, you will have the satisfaction that your waste is being utilized by someone.

Go green by repurposing unwanted items:

Repurposing is also a great way to reduce waste during relocation. You can also upgrade these items to use these for a different purpose. You could also donate these items so that they can be reused by anyone. There are thousands of charities available eagerly seeking such donations. Therefore you can easily donate these unwanted items for a meaningful cause.

Using plastic bins for packing is a great way to reduce your waste. The modern plastic bins can be reused easily in a variety of ways. Before you start the process, take inventory of all the items and then order the bins accordingly.

Remove or dispose of items:

Some items can’t be recycled, repurposed, and sold, therefore, it is important to dispose of these items. It is 70% environmentally friendly and a step towards making our earth green. There are certain items present that could be harmful to the environment if not disposed of well at the right time.

Some additional tips to move green!!!

What about eco-friendly cleaning up?

Choose the cleaning company who uses eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning supplies. Of course, when you reach your new home, the very first task that you have to do is to clean the place. You should use products like baking soda and water to clean instead of using chemicals.

Some stuff can be used in future

You don’t need to throw all the excessive stuff in the waste because there are a lot of items that you can use in the future. From clothes to accessories, trends usually follow themselves every few years. So, it is a great option to keep all the items stored safely for future use.

You can also recycle gadgets and other electronic items

Make sure you don’t dump the gadgets and the electronic items as these can also be recycled. Sell them in the market according to the conditions or give them to companies that recycle these products. This is the best way to save yourself from the cost of disposal while offering benefits to companies. This is also the most environmentally friendly step you can make during your move.

In the end, think green!!!

If you are looking for professionals to help you relocate, make sure you choose the moving company that is concerned about their moving practices and contributes towards the Go Green motive. This will not only help you contribute towards making a sustainable environment but also offer peace of mind during relocation. All you have to focus on is reusing the items and decreasing the waste during the move.


Amy Jacksion