Your vibe attracts your tribe? What does that mean to you?

Your vibe attracts your tribe? What does that mean to you?
To me, that means that your energy will attract the same energy you are putting out in the world! So, If I am constantly negative and provide affirmations to myself on a daily base for example “I am having such a bad day, life sucks.” Or, If I am filled with anger, hate, jealousy and all other lower energies and put these energies upon someone else, then in return I get that back. Be in your friends, relationship, job, etc. If I constantly provide positive affirmations to myself and have Love, compassion, understand, empathy and gratitude, I say to myself. “I am happy to be alive and ready to learn and spread love to others.” Then the bad days become lessons to learn and more spiritual growth. 
At first, things will begin to crumble around you. The veil slowly lifts and you see others around you, friends, family, lovers, strangers, you see behind all judgment and you start to feel the vibe they are putting off. You then realize hey, I do not need this energy in my life, that is not who I am. Then we start to Let go, we may lose a lot of friends on the way, however, you then start to attract your tribe. You meet someone by accident and you feel that connection like you have met before. Namaste, my soul recognizes your soul. Some of these souls, you have met before in a previous life, be is former friends, lovers etc. Some of your tribe members become your best friend that you could not even imagine was possible. It hurts when we do lose friends, we all have had a very best friend so far in your life. When you get older, sometimes you do grow apart. But that is okay! That means you are both are at crossroads and have to go down their own path. All of our paths are different and it takes certain lessons to reach your destination. This does not mean you cannot be friends still and support them, however, you can choose how much energy you put into that relationship. You then provide a little more energy to the new relationships. Little by little your old circle may intertwine with your new friends as some friends that have remain best friends are apart of your tribe and were lucky enough to find each other earlier! Your circle will fluctuate and in the end, you will have so many wonderful people that your energy and soul is fulfilled a little more. 
Your combined energy has now expanded and all beam like the sun! You are now helping others from what you learned, crossing paths of those who need your help through the experiences that you share. We have all been somewhere before and have all rose above it all and become stronger than you ever imagined you could be! That is beautiful and worth celebrating! Now, you know what to say, you know how they feel and shower them with the love and light to get them through just as you have done! That feeling you get from helping someone is the purest most magical feeling I believe there is because that feeling is LOVE. Simply unconditional love towards others and for yourself. So when you hear your vibe attracts your tribe, scream out, dance and call for them! They will come and soon we will all be apart of the same tribe. We are all one and all connected to everything we could ever even fathom. Make your light shine bright and send out the tribe symbol in the sky! Be your own superhero and together as one we can raise the collective and help heal this world! 

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