You want sanity, Or prefer toxicity.

You want sanity, Or prefer toxicity.
You want sanity
Rinku Shah 

You want sanity,
Or prefer toxicity.
This attachment will leave you drained
Anguish, drama and strained.
Cut the cord and move on
Drop what’s gone, 

this is your new dawn!

You want sanity
Karthik Parthasarathy 

The last time a cord was cut, 
my umbilical cord
A new me was born, 
here to face the world

Time for another new me 

to rise up to challenges now
As you get ready to sever this cord, 

the bond of love

You want sanity
Frankie Crabtree

My heart will forever be attached to yours.
Neither time nor distance shall keep us apart.
But we are each other’s poison.
You bring out the best and worst in me
And I you.
My love for you will never die.
But we can not remain together.
We must cut this thread that binds us together.
Or else we will destroy each other.

You want sanity
Erna Duspara 

Our hearts are so broken
they no longer beat as one.
The blood has been poisoned
and now it must run.
Sever the cord and let the red river flood
Immortal forever as we drown
in our own blood.

You want sanity
Sarrvesh Waran

There is no life flow. 
There is no love glow. 
So it is best to cut the ties 
than to hold on believing the lies. 
Holding on only gives us pain. 
If there is any hope, 
it is only in this vein. 
And for that reason, 
I can’t cut it, though 
I am close to cutting it.

You want sanity
Sulekha Pande 

You and I were the blood and soul,
of each other, once upon a time,
your heart spoke to mine,
our souls intertwined,
as we grew up, we grew apart,
and today, I cut the cord,
the love has ended,
the gloss has gone,
the promises we made,
were all in vein,
carrying on will cause more pain

You want sanity
Sheila Lafleur 

You already have everything you need. 
Love thrives untethered, let go!

You want sanity
Victor Luppi 

When a snip in time 
may save one’s mind.

You want sanity
Tammy R Doucette 

Beyond the mind
Are the ties that bind
When cutting cords of the heart
We emotionally part

You want sanity
Christi Urbon 

Be Still My Heart 

We Will Be Free..!!

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