Yes, We Are Different, Both Truly Magnificent

Yes, We Are Different, Both Truly Magnificent
Rinku Shah

Yes, we are different,
Both truly magnificent.
Complementing each other,
Separate and yet together.
The beauty of coexistence,
Is in Acceptance!

Sherry Greene

You and I
complete this puzzle.


Sarrvesh Waran

Come on, let us grow.
Don’t say no.
Commitment will make us complete.
Love shall take the heat.
Imperfections shall become obsolete.
You and I together
shall become complete.
The beauty of love will show.
Wind shall sing through the gentle breeze.
And through our roots, bark and leaves,
That our differences
doesn’t necessarily make us foes.
Let us see where this goes,
Maybe some fruits, flowers and rose.


Lisa Shadix

I am coming to fill the void

Madhavan Bharathi

We are compliments
to one another


Katarzyna Dela

Let yourself meet someone,
who fits to you.
Not with the body,
but with mind and soul.

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