Wisepicks For 9 December

Wisepicks For 9 December

Wisepicks For 9 December

Rinku Shah


Beyond the gallows
 I saw light,
An end to this fight.
Death seemed
like a release,
To finally rest in peace!


Wisepicks For 9 December
Mary Kirkpatrick


When your world
 seems dark and bleak,
And it’s peace
and release you seek,
Don’t write that note,
instead look within
Let a glimmer of light
 and hope come in.


Wisepicks For 9 DecemberAnjana Surendran


Venomous impulse of betrayal
 never enticed me
Virulence of hatred
never enthralled me
Malice of power
never mattered me
I was ever driven
 by the pioneers of truth
And here I was
 all paid with
gallows and scaffolds!


Wisepicks For 9 December
Arlene Larocque Jones


No matter the
depths of our despair
There are always
 those that care
What you think
 may be a resolution
A hope of restitution
Turns out not
to be the solution
Because the pain
and suffering you once bare
Has now carried over
for your loved ones to share


Wisepicks For 9 December
Debra Pry


Imprisoned by thoughts,
And no way to escape.
But there’s always
 a glimmer of hope,
To determine your fate.
Beyond the walls
of doubt and fear.
Freedom awaits,
For the Lost,
When the path is clear.


Wisepicks For 9 December
Usha Nandini


On the verge of death,
 the letter gave him
the warmth he yearned
for and his emptiness
did not kill him anymore
because the cup
 was filling up.
Letters can be magical.


Wisepicks For 9 December
Ashok Pande


This cocoon of
Makes that
Light of,
Freedom ,
A hangman’s
Overcome your
Fears and,
Move towards
This elusiveLight,
Where you can,
Breathe free & fearless.


Wisepicks For 9 December
Karthik Parthasarathy


Freedom from the walls,
Of the most depressing thoughts,
To see the blue sky,
Filled with brightness galore,
Even if it is one last time,
I would still take that,
Anything but here,
Cupboard of patience
 is going bare.


Wisepicks For 9 December
Rocco DiMascio


In the depths of despair,
 the desperate will stare,
 to see if there’s hope,
at the end of a rope.


Wisepicks For 9 December
Mary Kirkpatrick


When you’re psyche
 is shrouded in gloom,
And you feel like
you’re trapped in a tomb,
Don’t try anything
drastic to escape
Inner hope can
 change your landscape.


Wisepicks For 9 December
Manvi Jain


Oh! how I wish,
 I could escape
 the bars of constraints.
Yes how I wish
 I could pass
the message of faith.
Oh! how I wish
 I could no longer be a slave.
Yes how I wish
 I could free myself
from being a grave


Wisepicks For 9 December
Sharon Shain


As the light
in the unknown
beckoned me
I knew that
it was time
to stop fighting
a rigged fight
and finally lay
my soul rest


Wisepicks For 9 December
Sulekha Pande


There’s release beyond
 the dark tunnel,
I see the heavens
behind the narrow funnel,
I am ready to
hang by my neck,
death will be my saviour,
the gallows will
 be my raincheck….


Wisepicks For 9 December
Aparna Goswami


At last the “Salvation”,
how tranquil! The tormentus
 story of my life,
which no one witnessed.
This letter will say it all!


Wisepicks For 9 December
Ssareeta Singh


 I am so close to you now,
I am coming to you to bow!
My heart and my soul,
I have never felt so whole!

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