Wisepicks For 8 September

Wisepicks For 8 September

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 8 September.

Wisepicks For 8 September

Dr. Payal Basera

While everyone is trapped 
in the cage of their mind 
to understand the world, 
I’ll rather chose to follow my heart 
and go beyond the circle.


Wisepicks For 8 September
Sherry Greene


While many of you walk in circles
Noses aimed to the ground in despair,
I cling tight to my heart 
to keep it warm
From you, 
from any unworthy despair.  


Wisepicks For 8 September
Debra Pry


I’m embracing 
my heart 
and setting myself 


Wisepicks For 8 September
Suzette de Swardt


When no longer imprisoned 
by the social conformity 
of her brain, 
she ascended through 
holding onto the 
strength of her heart. 


Wisepicks For 8 September
Letitia Adams


Wrapping my arms tight 
so this heart of mine 
does not feel the pain 
that flows through my blood. 
Is this world so cold even if it is bold. 
How many times must I glue 
this heart of mine back together 
when I have had to weather 
all the seasons of these 
ever afters  


Wisepicks For 8 September
Klenarchi Flores 


It’s blueㅡ a world that screams melancholy. 
Crowded with people 
who seemed to be a living dead, 
consumed and hypnotized 
by addictive sadness and pretense. 
They are the shadows 
of what they used to be. 
They just go with the flow, 
walking continuously on circular paths 
until their hearts died from the cycle. 
But, maybe a child can be saved; 
genuine, optimistic, and a heart full of dreams. 
When everything around is dull and lifeless,
 there’s this child who carries her heart 
wherever she goes. 
Let the child paint vibrant colors
 to a world of dark tints, 
and give light to the living dead 
once more.


Wisepicks For 8 September
Shubha Vasan


In this heartless world , 
it’s too much to handle 
when you have such a big heart 
that cares too much.
Embrace it and be good anyway 
and don’t let the world change you 
Wisepicks For 8 September
Sulekha Pande 


In the graveyard 
of the living zombies,
I had a pulsating 
and loving heart,
which saw, felt and had 
I took it and moved away, 
no one can rip it apart.


Wisepicks For 8 September
Rinku Shah 


It’s my heart 
and it will be salvaged,
From a world 
that has been ravaged.
Stripped off leaving it bare,
I cling to mine, 
nourishing it with 
love and care.


Wisepicks For 8 September
Jackie De Klerk


Walking in circles, creating a path. 
People are pondering 
why someone stole their heart. 
I refuse to remain that way. 
I took my heart back 
and walked away.  


Wisepicks For 8 September
Michelle Davison-Ward


In a sea of broken souls 
she found the strength to love herself, 
her heart healed, 
love shined through 
and she broke free. 
Now a warrior with hope 
she would free the others.


Wisepicks For 8 September
Krystal Marks


Only through love 
can we be set free.


Wisepicks For 8 September
Kala Sullivan 


Once you have found acceptance 
and love for yourself 
you can journey forward.


Wisepicks For 8 September
David Greenstreet


Hold onto your heart
 when walking amongst
 the heartless!  


Wisepicks For 8 September
Kayley Easterbrook


Loving myself provides 
the pathway out of desolation 
and into possibility.


Wisepicks For 8 September
Sheila Cotterall


No matter how bleak 
the world is to see,
Embracing its heart 
keeps love roaming free

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