Wisepicks For 5 October

Wisepicks For 5 October

Wisepicks For 5 October

Felicia Holmes

The dreams in your heart 
will always take you further 
than the most rational minds. 


Wisepicks For 5 October


With brains and logic 
you can stand firm,
But with heart, 
love and it’s magic, 
you can roam free.

Wisepicks For 5 October3
Karthik Parthasarathy 


Flying away to far off lands, 
Holding on to your heart, 
From a land full of brains, 
Even as a temporary refuge, 
A welcome change it would be, 
To be driven by passion and feeling, 
Rather than just by thoughts, 
Even if for a little bit..  


Wisepicks For 5 October4
Anindya J Ganguly


Holding the umbrella 
of my bleeding heart
I fly into the abyss
 of a golden aisle.
Life froths notions 
weaving with the mind
But I look for happiness 
away from this Pique,
In Paradise.  


Wisepicks For 5 October
Rinku Shah


In a world of minds,
I was one of a kind.
To my heart I held on tight,
My decision felt right.
Rise above it all,
Listen to your heart’s call!  


Wisepicks For 5 October
Lyndon Echavarri


Your heart can lift you 
from the fetters of your brain.


Wisepicks For 5 October
Meyer Ramski


The heart lifts you away 
from all that is rational.


Wisepicks For 5 October
Aren Faye Quetua


No matter how rich your mind is, 
only your heart can uplift you.


Wisepicks For 5 October
Karl Edwards


Listening to your heart 
will break you free 
from your minds limitations.  


Wisepicks For 5 October
Jitendra Ram


A Brainless Boy 
With Pure Heart
Holding It In Hand,
Landing In The 
Heartless Land.

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