Wisepicks For 28 August

Wisepicks For 28 August13

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 28 August.


Wisepicks For 28 August


Be you, 
Don’t succumb to earthly things.
Like me, you too have wings.
But first, you gotta let go.
Your wings will then grow.


Wisepicks For 28 August


Nancy Shurkoff


The tug you feel 
means your Guardian Angel 
is near.
Tasked to protect 
and tasked to guide, 
your Guardian Angel 
is at your side.   

Wisepicks For 28 August

Rinku Shah

Pay attention to a sign,
They don’t always shine.
It may seem like a setback
Which helps you stay on track! 

Wisepicks For 28 August

Debbi Nelson

You’ll thank me later 
for making you late. 

Wisepicks For 28 August

Karthik Parthasarathy

Trying to move on from the spot, 
Wanting to rush forward in life, 
Yet something seems to hold you back, 
Making you feel the pain and frustration. 
Hey, Fret not, It’s your guardian angel, 
Watching over you all the time, 
Holding on to you till it is safe, 
Will let go when things are ready.


Wisepicks For 28 August

Mai Quesada


Listen to your instinct.
something is holding you back.
No! You are heading 
to a wrong track!
An inner voice could be 
your guardian angel.


Wisepicks For 28 August

Shambha Shivaa


have faith and shed your layers,
your guardian angel will take care,
leave the facades, leave the foul,
unleash your raw naked soul..


Wisepicks For 28 August


Felicia Holmes

Don’t allow yourself 
to be held back by those 
who cannot move forward.


Wisepicks For 28 August

Belinda Stott


If not for our angels 
watching over and protecting us 
we would walk into danger 
a lot more often.

Wisepicks For 28 August

Shikhar Sharma 

Such was the strange magic spell 
in his love
Which turned her stone
as he left. 

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