Wisepicks For 23 October

Wisepicks For 23 October

Wisepicks For 23 October

Saima Haq


Slain by the heart 
leaving a void 
as they depart.


Wisepicks For 23 October


They were allured 
by her naked body.
But they couldn’t withstand 
her naked soul.


Wisepicks For 23 October


Nothing colourful 
ever went through 
and survived the black hole 
of her heart.
Nothing can turn back; 
they can only leave bruised 
and torn in black. 


Wisepicks For 23 October
Shane Mayabb


I am a goddess of love. 
My love will heal your wounds, 
make your heart and soul 
transparent and whole. 
Come into me
Embrace the depth of me.


Wisepicks For 23 October
Shannon Curtis


The void was visible 
yet her beauty was magnetic, 
many will try to make her smile. 
No matter how much 
love and light they held, 
they all left broken and scarred. 
Yet the void in broken girl remained. 


Wisepicks For 23 October
Rinku Shah


Love never hurts or scars,
It never breaks or chars.
Those who leave 
were never meant to stay,
It’s the games people play.
Don’t let the world define you,
Love that is real will refine you!


Wisepicks For 23 October
Anubha Sharma


I loved him with all my might,
Our relationship ended with a fight;
Ever since then, 
many people came and left;
They came to pour in love, 
but left wounded and cleft.


Wisepicks For 23 October
Sherry Greene


This is the woman 
I once used to be,
Wounding men 
before they could wound me,
Before discovering the loving self need.
I’d be strong against
any blows delivered, indeed. 


Wisepicks For 23 October
Kawaljit Singh 


Spectre of the past
Haunting me
It seems quite daunting
But once my fear is conquered
I see a friendly face
in fears place
and I am strong  


Wisepicks For 23 October
Sylvia Partanen


Her soul washed away 
the fake colors of each and every man ,
they walked away because 
none of them dared to love 
the way only she can. 


Wisepicks For 23 October


Unless you mend yourself, 
you will keep wounding others…


Wisepicks For 23 October
Debra Pry 


Love is a battlefield,
But always keep 
an open heart.

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  1. Myee Jean Atherton Munns Avatar

    Covered in band-aids from the internal blast…..your color is gone, your rainbow’s past.

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