Wisepicks For 2 October

Wisepicks For 2 October

Wisepicks For 2 October

Felicia Holmes


No matter how much you try 
to protect your children,
they will eventually experience 
their own pain. 


Wisepicks For 2 October
Jodie Morrison


As your mother, 
I may not be able to take 
all the pain for you but, 
as long as I am able. 
I will take as much as I can.


Wisepicks For 2 October
Frankie Crabtree


Come to me with your burdens dear
She whispered as she held me near
Mama take this pain away
In your arms is where I want to stay
Little was I aware
That every ache she took from me;
was one more for her to bear.  


Wisepicks For 2 October
Tina Bell


I feel your pain 10-fold child, 
as it was me who tried 
to stop it from happening.


Wisepicks For 2 October
Aleah Aleng Aquino


It pains the mother more 
when the child is hurting.


Wisepicks For 2 October
Claudia McCree 


New Wounds Bring Back 
Old Hurts


Wisepicks For 2 October
Jedie Boy A. Cabañero


Every time you were hurt, 
she was there hurting seven times more, 
by just seeing you suffer. 
And wishing she could take the pain away. 
Because she loves you


Wisepicks For 2 October
Sunny Marie
I embrace my inner child.
How innocent she was, 
even with that first wound! 
Although, I’ve endured much more pain,
I remember.


Wisepicks For 2 October
Nirekshitha Kunder


No matter how much 
I protect you my dear! 
The pain will surpass me I am clear. 
Time to tell you, my little girl 
that the world won’t be fair. 
Everyone has got to take their pain’s share!
 But don’t you fear, for in you 
I can see the birth of another 
indomitable woman near.


Wisepicks For 2 October
Rinku Shah


Hold on tight, till you feel alright.
There are more battles to be won, 
my little one
Let me show you what love is like, 
even if the world is out to strike.

Wisepicks For 2 October


You can’t safeguard someone always.
As you safeguard them, 
they grow up naive and innocent 
and when they experience a bitter reality,
it will be too hard for them 
to accept the pain.


Wisepicks For 2 October12
Sulekha Pande


The world’s a cruel place,
come my child,
to the warm embrace,
the first wound
is the hardest to bear, 
I know it well, 
child, I’ve been there.


Wisepicks For 2 October
Daniel Boone


Unresolved trauma 
is passed down 
unless it’s interrupted 
by change.

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