Wisepicks For 13 January

Wisepicks For 13 January

Wisepicks For 13 January



You are 
the best sculptor 
of your life

Wisepicks For 13 January



Perfection is an illusion. 
Progression is an attempt 
to turn it into reality.


Wisepicks For 13 January


Mould yourself everyday 
to become the best version 
of yourself.


Wisepicks For 13 January
Catherine Stepan


Chip away to reveal
 the real you.


Wisepicks For 13 January
Aniket Ghatnekar


In the modern world, 
you are both sculpture and statue. 
The David that you are chiseling 
is YOU.


Wisepicks For 13 January
Nate’ Hansen-Bishop


Slowly chipping away 
at what’s holding you down


Wisepicks For 13 January
Joanne Margaret Peckham 


Chipping through life 
one piece at a time 
to become the best version 
of myself


Wisepicks For 13 January
Sherry Greene


Chisel away 
at your life’s excesses
And rid yourself 
of those toxic messes.  


Wisepicks For 13 January
Harsha Khanchandani


Sculpting my body 
to transform my soul, 
throwing my baggages, 
cause freedom is my goal


Wisepicks For 13 January
Linda Mansolf


Keep chiseling away 
until you find the real you


Wisepicks For 13 January
Sulekha Pande


I shed the extra baggage,
no need to carry that luggage,
I took the responsibility,
to chisel out all vulnerability,
I kept working on myself,
I carved and carved
till a new me emerged
out of my old self. 

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