Wise Pick For 9 July

Wise Pick 9 July

Wise Pick 9 July1

Darryl Tombleson

An absolute focus
on technology,
leaves you blinded
to reality.

Wise Pick 9 July2

Cathy Chase

Walking blindly
through life with the
world in your hand.

Wise Pick 9 July3

Sulekha Pande

Fumbling blindly;
engrossed in technology.

Wise Pick 9 July4

Malathi Ramshankar

The light from technology
will lead to the
darkness in our life.

Wise Pick 9 July5

Ajane Portugal

We have been focused
in our social media status
and been blind
in our true life story.

Wise Pick 9 July6

Ashish Verma

Instead of
deploying technology
for our own utility,
it has blinded us
to see the reality.

Wise Pick 9 July7

Sherry Greene

There’s a
whole world out there.
Yet you’ve made yourself
too blind to see.
Put down your phone
and look ahead,
there’s beauty and
sunshine all for free.

Wise Pick 9 July8

Debby Davison

Our social media has
become so important and first
in our life that we need guidance
to help us walk through
the streets of life.

Wise Pick 9 July9

Cory E Lizabeth

Sadly we are so
consumed by technology
that we are blinded to
what is actually going on
right in front of us.

Wise Pick 9 July10

Carol Wagoner

Although technology
is a link to the future,
it’s blinded us to the present.

Wise Pick 9 July11

Tanya Chokhani

Eyes are unable
to see anything;
since mobiles have
become everything.

Wise Pick 9 July12

Shilpika Bagh

The social media ‘quest’;
has blind us from the ‘rest’.

Wise Pick 9 July13

Emily Venturino

The smarter the phone
the blinder we become.

Wise Pick 9 July14

Frances McCabe

I have become
blinded to everything
going on around me
except my cell phone.

Wise Pick 9 July15

Sherilyn Campbell

We are blind to the
world around us and
see only the artificial life
of social media.
It is a beacon of light that
robs us of human interaction.
Beware before it is too late.

Wise Pick 9 July16

Roohi Mohiuddin

Technology has
overpowered us to the
extent that we have been
deprived of the vision.

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