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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 9 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuarySulekha Pande
Tune out,
with those
who make no sense.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryLinda Mansolf

No matter what I say or,
How loud I say it,
You will never get it through your thick head.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuarySharon Stahlhut

Don’t waste your time or energy
engaging with people
who don’t want anything from you.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuarySusan Fair Arakelian

Feels like some people
are always complaining so much,
it could turn your head to stone

Wise Pick For 9 JanuarySiony Benemerito
No matter how you explained things,
To some people..
it doesn’t make sense.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryAshish Verma

Stop wasting time and energy on people
where your words are unable
to impact their minds.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryAmrita Raj

When someone talks back to you
and you have had enough
block them out of your mind
and become like a block of wood.
Tune out.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryHelene Leanos

You know the old saying,
like talking to a brick wall!

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryShilpika Bagh

All “turns” deaf ears;
to those who don’t “care”.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryRinku Shah

Why waste your energy?
Is your listener really worthy…
Watch your tone,
Else the words only hit on stone

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryPhyllis Snider Boyer

Struggling to communicate
with another’s closed mind
will only rebound frustration to ourselves.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryJoanne Margaret Peckham

When ignorance
and closed minds exist it’s like
you’re yelling to a rock.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuarySherry Greene

While some people only appear “dumb as a rock”,
others prove they are by opening their mouth.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryAkanksha Agrawal

Don’t waste your energy by yelling,
because his stone face is telling
that your words are failing.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryAnjana Surendran

The mouths that try to wake others
should ensure minds aren’t asleep

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryBeena Baburajan

Loudmouths block communication
from all sides!

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryMartha Mandaric

Trying to communicate with some people
is like talking to a stone wall.
Nothing is absorbed.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuarySteph

Don’t waste your time
trying to convince narrow-minded people.
Some skulls are thicker than rocks.

Wise Pick For 9 JanuaryŠaira
You can’t educate someone
who doesn’t want to learn.

Wise Pick For 9 Januarymercurialgem11

No matter what extremes
you are willing to go to in order to be heard,
some people simply won’t be willing to listen…


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