Wise Pick For 9 December

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 9 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberMary Cook
Great minds connect
on the most complicated issues

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberRhoda Dawn

Great minds……..

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberDaudi Gidion

It’s amazing how we keep searching
for deep connections
while we are connected from above.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberSabiha Nikhat

People with same thoughts
connect well.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberRational Akrofi Akuffo

When brilliant minds,
with big ambitions,
plug-in to a common goal,
amazing things happen

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberShilpika Bagh

Together with “interconnection”;
our ideas lead to “invention”.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberJoan Lerman

Two heads are better than one,
and when connected,
can spark some great ideas.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberClarity Joans

Two minds are better than one
when met with the right connection.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberFelicia Renteria-Holmes

When you can’t work it out
on your own,
look to a higher power
to help you reconnect.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberKim Rice

Being wired differently,
doesn’t mean that
we cannot make a connection!

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberShibatosh Kar

Use the connection,
Think in unison.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberAmanda Thompson

The power of connection
remains unseen
when we live in denial

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberMartha Mandaric

No two minds think alike,
but you can be connected
on the same wavelength.

Wise Pick For 9 DecemberIlda Coelho

can solve many problems


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