Wise Pick For 8 September

wise pick 11 sep

wise pick 11 sep1Andrea fisher
The shadow of deception

wise pick 11 sep2Annette Hawkins
Be careful who you trust
even the sweetest people
can be in disguise

wise pick 11 sep3Leta Marie DeMello
The key to living in true harmony
resides in our ability
to show up authentically.

wise pick 11 sep4Marjie Yule Davitt
We shed our skins
so often we don’t know
what’s true or false

wise pick 11 sep5Ashish Verma
Friendly indications;
evil intentions

wise pick 11 sep6Ashok Pande
Behind this facade of
Bonhomie & etiquette,
Lies a serpent,
Waiting to strike,
When your guard is down.
Careful, it’s called diplomacy

wise pick 11 sep7Pauline Ebijimi
The true identity of people
are not physically shown,
that’s why they harbor their darkest parts

wise pick 11 sep8Byanjeru Sharon
‘Frienemies ‘are the usually closest
and pretence is their best tool.

wise pick 11 sep9Cynthia Weier-Moody
What may be viewed beautiful on the outside
doesn’t mean it isn’t toxic on the inside

wise pick 11 sep10Rinku Shah
When hidden agendas take precedence,
Friendship is replaced with pretence

wise pick 11 sep11Deborah Sheard
Look out for the backstabbing snakes,
don’t believe everyone’s your so called friend

wise pick 11 sep12Shilpika Bagh
Be careful to who you “vent”;
for some spill venom like “serpent”

wise pick 11 sep13Cory Cook
Even the closest of bonds will critically
slither behind your back

wise pick 11 sep14Joe Rodgers
Two venomous monsters
devouring every word of the juicy gossip
that they hungrily seek

wise pick 11 sep15Bob Dee
Venom can be spewed
from the friendliest places.

wise pick 11 sep16Debra Pry
Never tell everything you know,
A friend today could be an enemy tomorrow

wise pick 11 sep17Wendy Smith
Gossiping is nothing more than a viper’s den!

wise pick 11 sep18Monica Mishra
We pretend to be ‘friends’ for the society,
but, we are ‘enemies’ in reality

wise pick 11 sep19Sarrveshwaran
Just a conversation of fake masks that are at venomous task

wise pick 11 sep20Sulekha Pande
Fake friends,
false pretences.

wise pick 11 sep21Third
Looks can be deceiving. Be careful of who you meet.

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