Wise Pick For 8 July

Wise Pick 8 July

Wise Pick 8 July1

Happy Honey

Burning opportunities
for temporary comforts
will never make
one successful.

Wise Pick 8 July2

Sulekha Pande

A fool ruins every
unaware of impending

Wise Pick 8 July3

Dr. Jasmine Vij

Sacrificing resources
for immediate gratification.

Wise Pick 8 July4

Rudy Scala

Comfortable situations,
makes you miss
chances of improvement.

Wise Pick 8 July5

Rahemeen Ali Khan

Often we cut the
possibilities of our success
for mere momentary comfort.

Wise Pick 8 July6

Shilpika Bagh

If you wish to ‘rise’;
use every opportunity
in your ‘stride’.

Wise Pick 8 July7

Shelli Holcomb

Use sound judgement
when the comfort of today
outweighs the progress
of tomorrow.

Wise Pick 8 July8

Anabelle Avila Madronero

we choose to burn
our own ladder of success
just to keep us warm today
without realizing we could
have used it to climb to a safer
and more comfortable place.

Wise Pick 8 July9

Ashish Verma

Don’t burn
your opportunities
for short term comfort.

Wise Pick 8 July10

Rinku Shah

When immediate gratification
blurs your vision,
you destroy opportunities
without a sensible reason.

Wise Pick 8 July11

Debra Pry

Never sacrifice
long-term situations,
for short-term gain.

Wise Pick For 8 July

Felicia Holmes

Opportunities can
easily be missed,
if we choose comfort
over action.

Wise Pick For 8 July

Ilyass El Kali

Easy choices keep us
from going through the
right path to our success,
we choose our
comfort zones upon
suffering for the right reasons.

Wise Pick For 8 July

Er Sunita Sahoo

Don’t burn
your opportunities
for the sake of
temporary comfort.

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