Wise Pick For 7 September

wise pic 10 sep

wise pic 10 sep1Charmaine DeSouza
You are what you think you are!
Be the best version of you!

wise pic 10 sep2Debra Pry
If you dream it,
then you’re halfway there.

wise pic 10 sep3Alan Scott
How we see ourselves
is a measure of how we act.

wise pic 10 sep4Kristi Littau
The reflection of our true being
is the manifestation of our internal state.
Our outer appearance is insignificant in comparison.

wise pic 10 sep5Preet Mishra
Our thoughts create our image
whether we will “roar” or “mew”

wise pic 10 sep6Linda Decaria
Our image is what we project.

wise pic 10 sep7Shilpika Bagh
The way you wish to “see” yourself in life;
is always a “flip” away for you
to make that choice.

wise pic 10 sep8Abhijit Mondal
The reflection shows
the power of your thinking.

wise pic 10 sep9Sulekha Pande
Your reflection is the power
of your perception,
you become what you think,
your self-esteem can go up
and down in a blink

wise pic 10 sep10Kazwami Malasha
Whatever we become in life
is just but a reflection of what we believe
ourselves to be

wise pic 10 sep11Ashish Verma
Your attitude towards life is determined
by the quality of thoughts, you reflect.

wise pic 10 sep12Leta Marie DeMello
The perception of others
does not dictate your being;
it is how you view yourself
that defines you.

wise pic 10 sep13Sabiha Nikhat
Courage and Confidence
has nothing to do with the size.

wise pic 10 sep14Joe Rodgers
A mirror does not reflect the real you,
it is an optical illusion.

wise pic 10 sep15Nathan Robinson
Don’t let what others think
reflect upon your own image

wise pic 10 sep16Helene Heleen Helene
Make it a point…
When you look in a mirror
always see the bigger you everyday

wise pic 10 sep17Kim DeCocco-Sharon
No matter what size you are
your power is within.

wise pic 10 sep18Rinku Shah
Love yourself for a true reflection,
It’s all about self-perception

wise pic 10 sep19Pelumi Samuel
What matters is how you see yourself
and not what other people tell you

wise pic 10 sep20Adndgstn
No matter how you look,
it’s always which kind of mindset you choose
to look at yourself

wise pic 10 sep21Nouri Ashour
It’s all in the mind

wise pic 10 sep22Maya Thorpe
A reflection of your state of mind and heart

wise pic 10 sep23Muskan
What you believe is
what you see and
allow others to see

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