Wise Pick For 7 October

wise pick 10sep

wise pick 10sep1Sherry Greene
Measure your thoughts
before putting them
to words.

wise pick 10sep2Siony Benemerito McCor
Design your thoughts
to be invisible
and immeasurable
until you have
everything in hand,
ready to put them
into actions.

wise pick 10sep3Rinku Shah
Excessive thoughts,
Leaves your mind in knots.
So think less.
Avoid the stress.

wise pick 10sep4Nichole Catherine Lewis
When we let others
measure our thoughts
and feelings,
we are letting them
rent space in our head.
Kick them out
and grow
beyond measurements.

wise pick 10sep5Alan Scott
Measure your thoughts
as they become
your words
and the words
manifest into action.
Your actions
become your behaviors
which manifest
into character.
Measure your thoughts.

wise pick 10sep6Darren Knight
A Calliper can never
measure the calibre
of your imagination.

wise pick 10sep7Lisa Dutkiewicz
Measure your thoughts
and choose
your words wisely.

wise pick 10sep8Leta Marie DeMello
One’s thoughts are
concluded by
the angle
of their perspective.

wise pick 10sep9Tanushree Talapatra
A thought is a value
to be treasured,
not measured.

wise pick 10sep10Sayeeda Pearl
Mould your thinking,
measure your thoughts.

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