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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 7 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchJohnny
Cut the cords of abuse.
The power is in your hands.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchSulekha Pande

Cut the cord of the hand,
That raises the sword.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchFelicia Renteria-Holmes

When you have the opportunity
to set yourself free,
don’t waste it on someone
who doesn’t want you to be.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchPhyllis Snider Boyer

Sever the lines of abuse
and begin to heal the hurt.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchWayne Kelley

Cut the strings of abuse
and be free.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchSandy Rozelman

sever the angry and hurtful connections
you have with others

Wise Pick For 7 MarchDebra Pry

Snip it, before it snips you.
No one can play you,
If you don’t want to play.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchRinku Shah

Cut the strings before being abused,
Don’t wait to be bruised!

Wise Pick For 7 MarchLynn Laveau Lund

You’ve had the power all along
to cut the ties of abuse.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchTerri Knuth

Only an awareness above us
can cut the tie we have to the puppet strings
of the conflicted false self.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchDesi Skarzetti

To end a life of strife.
You must cut the ties that bind you.

Wise Pick For 7 MarchSteven Murphy

Not your puppet anymore

Wise Pick For 7 MarchDr.Vidhi Shah

Cut those strings of attachment
which brings toxicity in your life


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