Wise Pick For 6 September

wise pick 9sep

wise pick 9sep1Joe Rodgers
As our brain expands,
our heart will shrink.
Life is not as easy
as the child might think.

wise pick 9sep2Cory Cook
Aging grows wisdom,
wisdom brings regret,
regret diminishes empathy
and thus growth can poison your soul

wise pick 9sep3Sulekha Pande
Innocence has a large heart.
The older we grow,
it falls apart.

wise pick 9sep4Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
The more we grow,
the more we know.
But with the knowledge we obtain,
Our willingness to love we abstain.

wise pick 9sep5
Grace A. Comia
Knowledge grows with age,
but sadly does the capacity to love
purely shrink with it.

wise pick 9sep6Virginia Griffin Monk
The beginners’ mind opens to the world
and the heart grows;
the closed heart becomes jaded,
and the mind , though fuller, closed.

wise pick 9sep7Brandon Allan Awalt
As we grow older and gain knowledge,
our mind controls more of our lives
consuming the happiness and purity
we have as a child.

wise pick 9sep8Ashish Verma
Being wise withers your heart.
Have a heart of a child
to be fully spirited

wise pick 9sep9Carmen Flick
The innocence of youth,
digresses in the reality
associated with wisdom and age

wise pick 9sep10Shilpika Bagh
When your heart grows fonder ;
and you have less to ponder;
then you have learnt no wonder ;
to keep the child in you alive forever

wise pick 9sep11Rinku Shah
Kids are young and cheery,
Don’t let age make you old and grumpy

wise pick 9sep12Lisa Blewitt Tusing
Gaining wisdom with age
does not entitle one to joy.
Joy is a matter of the heart.

wise pick 9sep13Sarrveshwaran
Don’t let the love in your heart
wither away with age

wise pick 9sep14Kathy Cockayne
The innocence of youth,
the wisdom of age

wise pick 9sep15Helen Robert
The more we learn the less we care

wise pick 9sep16Debra Rollaine
Never trade wisdom for joy!

wise pick 9sep17
John Gilbreath II
The joy of not knowing,
the sorrow of knowledge.

wise pick 9sep18Shalini
The brainier we get,
the smaller our heart becomes

wise pick 9sep19Quackerina
Innocence gives more room for love and joy.
Experience sucks it out of us.

wise pick 9sep20Maya Thorpe
As we grow older,
time and experience turns us away
from our heart and to our mind.

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