Wise Pick For 6 October

wise pick 9 oct

wise pick 9 oct1Sayeeda Pearl
While offering
and accepting one’s heart,
along with the fragrance
and beauty of love
be prepared to accept
the thorny agonies as well.

wise pick 9 oct2Sripriya Satish
Don’t let the heart
wither away.
It’s delicate as a rose.
It blooms wherever planted
when one nourishes the soul.

wise pick 9 oct3Carol Wagoner
A heart
given with love
also carries each breakage
it has encountered.
Handle with care.

wise pick 9 oct4Rachael Ratahi Belshaw
The heart is like a flower.
It opens up
when the time is right.

wise pick 9 oct5DrMadhavrao Sanap
Giving someone heart
is greatest gift
and symbol of faith,
but taking care
of that heart
is the biggest
morale responsibility
which requires
equally pure
and larger heart.

wise pick 9 oct6Sherry Greene
A heart that is in love
more fragile
than a rose.
Look heavenward
and cry
this most everyone knows.

wise pick 9 oct7Marjie Yule Davitt
My heart spikes
but my love is true.

wise pick 9 oct8Kim DeCocco-Sharon
Never turn
your whole heart
to someone else.
The only one
that cherish it daily
is yourself.

wise pick 9 oct9Anita Vinod
Bruised and squelched.
You can take my heart
for it still bleeds pure.
But beware, O beholder,
of newly grown thorns,
you’ll have to endure.

wise pick 9 oct10Suz
The heart is the flower
of true love.

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