Wise Pick For 6 July

Wise Pick For 6 July

Wise Pick 6 July1

Sulekha Pande

Social media tools,
as soon as the baby drools.

Wise Pick 6 July2

Ashish Verma

Technology dependent
childhood in progress.

Wise Pick 6 July3

Anjana Surendran

My eyes popped for notifications.
My cries went live.
My welcoming a grandeur online.
I am the new gen-baby you await.

Wise Pick 6 July4

Maria Ferns

Mum sang a lullaby,
dad was the horse ride.
Technology is the
new parents who are
always by our side.

Wise Pick 6 July5

Robin Shelton

Devices have
taken over everything,
including pacifying
our children.

Wise Pick 6 July6

Tanya Chokhani

Days when
children used to play
with toys have gone;
mobiles have replaced
since they are born.

Wise Pick 6 July7

Rahemeen Ali Khan

We have turned
even the babies,
addicted to social media.

Wise Pick 6 July8

Shweta Yadav

Let new born feel
the human touch,
never surround with
digital toys too much.

Wise Pick 6 July9

Wanda Thomson

Raise your babies
before technology
raises them and
society pays for it.

Wise Pick 6 July10

Dannielle Roberts

Our children
will know technology
before they’ll know humanity.

Wise Pick 6 July11
Barbara Bauer
Let them be children.
Nurture them before
social media gets them.

Wise Pick 6 July12
Tiffany Blackbutterfly DeGruy
The age of Aquarius babies
are born fresh out the womb
with twitter fingers and Facebook likes.

The Age of Aquarius babies no longer
have moms and dads with time to
tuck them in at night, so it’s ‘hey Google’,
‘Hey Sir’, or ‘Hey Alexa’, ‘tell Jr. a bed time story
and tuck them in tight’.
To the age of Aquarius babies,
human interaction dead,
they are given AI to entertain them

Wise Pick 6 July13

Kamlesh Bhasin
This is stepping
into the ‘early learning’
digital technology.

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