Wise Pick For 5 September

wise pick 8sep

wise pick 8sep1

Clif Jacob Sabado
Deep talks with the right person,
we created our own universe

wise pick 8sep2

Alan Scott
From tiny acorns of speech grow
mighty oaks of communication.

wise pick 8sep3

Sulekha Pande
From my universe to our universe,
we took the steps to complete each other.

wise pick 8sep4

Joe Rodgers
When the hopes and dreams of lovers merge
the possibilities are out of this world.

wise pick 8sep5

Ashish Verma
It takes just two matching minds to live happily
in their mutually created universe.

wise pick 8sep6

Rinku Shah
The Universe conspired for us to meet,
Such a connect is no ordinary feat.

wise pick 8sep7

Shilpika Bagh
Those eternal “connections” begin
with mindful “interactions”.

wise pick 8sep8

Mary Ann Phillips
We are ONE!

wise pick 8sep9

Nc Dash
Soulful connection between lovers
unites their worlds into one.

wise pick 8sep10

Nourhan Ibrahim
I don’t crave Attention
I crave deep Connection.

wise pick 8sep11

Charmaine DeSouza
Always look at the bigger picture
when you journey together.

wise pick 8sep12

Kristi Littau
As I open up a touch of my universe,
you correspond by opening yours.
Together we create
our own abundant universe.

wise pick8sept0

Rebecca Lynn Hayes Huff
The infinite possibilities of a relationship
erupt with the spark of a simple conversation.

wise pick 8sep14

Zalina Hosein
Plant your dreams with someone
who has the same vision
and watch everything fall into place

wise pick 8sep15

Martha Mandaric
The sky’s the limit
when you are both
of the same mind.

wise pick 8sep16

Debra Pry
Let’s Get Lost
in a kaleidoscope of
Hope and Dreams.

wise pick 8sep17

Maya Thorpe
This love we share
reveals a whole new universe
that we can share.

wise pick 8sep18

Aiswarya Radhakrishnan
Ever since then the universe
only melted the quantum of insane love

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