Wise Pick For 5 October

Wise Pick For 5 October

wise pick 8 oct1Wicked Bad Girl
Just because
you’re not thriving
doesn’t mean
you have to ruin
someone else’s joy.

wise pick 8 oct2Linda Henning
Care for
your own trees first
before you want to
prune others’.

wise pick 8 oct3Nichole Catherine Lewis
Don’t let anyone
cut your dreams
and ideas down
because their’s
haven’t been planted yet.

wise pick 8 oct4Monica Mishra
You can’t be happy,
if you try to kill
someone else’s happiness
rather than learning from them.

wise pick 8 oct5Brenda Johnston
You cannot grow
your forest
by cutting down
someone else’s trees.

wise pick 8 oct6Siony Benemerito McCor
We must continue
to practice our
own gardening skills
instead of minding
someone else’s greeneries.

wise pick 8 oct7Carmen Flick
The growth
of your ideas
may be squelched
by another’s
lack of ingenuity.

wise pick 8 oct8Bambi Na
One whose
mind is empty
will always
try to suppress
the plenty.

wise pick 8 oct9Jim Joseph Sarona
Cutting and reaping
the growth of others
doesn’t grow you at all.

wise pick 8 oct10Gilberto Reyes
Do no let
the empty heads cut,
or block your ideas.

wise pick 8 oct11Arpanaryan Kaur
Learn to respect
not to be jealous.
Learn to nurture
not to tear.
Our garden will bloom
with our thoughts
and their garden
with theirs.

wise pick 8 oct12Heart Talk
Let’s grow together
instead of hindering
each other’s growth.

wise pick 8 oct13Emma
Don’t let others
stunt your growth.

wise pick 8 oct14Pragya Sharma
You can’t grow,
if you stop others
from growing.

wise pick 8 oct15Brian M Majors
Never allow anyone
to clip your thoughts,
ideas and growth.
Become your own arborist,
and create your mindscapes.

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