Wise Pick For 5 March

Wise Pick 8 March

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 5 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick 8 March 1
Addison Cummings

Words are the stepping stones that connect us all.

Wise Pick 8 March 2
Eugenie Ogunsola

An understanding and communication
is the key to make way for a man and
a woman to come together as one!

Wise Pick 8 March 3
Rational Akrofi Akuffo

With our affirmative words we’d create
a conducive environment for each other to thrive.

Wise Pick 8 March 4
Dhivyaa Shanmugam

Communication is the key to any relationship.
You both win when expressing it thoughtfully.

Wise Pick 8 March 5
Wayne Kelley

Closing the gap with conversation can bring you closer.

Wise Pick 8 March 6
Shilpika Bagh

Let your disagreements be a stepping stone ;
for a new beginning together.

Wise Pick 8 March 7
Martha Mandaric

Starting with baby steps with talking
will make strides in closing the gap of
silence in your relationships.

Wise Pick 8 March 8
Joe Rodgers

Conversations are the stepping stones
towards the relationship of your dreams.

Wise Pick 8 March 9
Marie Miller-Ethridge

Let your words be positive stepping stone
to the growth and development of your relationship.

Wise Pick 8 March 10
Bob Dee

Talking as individuals until we communicate as one .

Wise Pick 8 March 11
Lisa Crosaro Duggar

Careful what you speak, words are seeds
in the garden of our life!

Wise Pick 8 March 12
Pauline Ebijimi

Words are footprints to a successful relationship.

Wise Pick 8 March 13
Cynthia Shifflet

When we speak we are one step closer
to understanding each other.

Wise Pick 8 March 14
Neelam Mirani

Pour your thoughts openly and let each other grow.

Wise Pick 8 March 15
Myt Xtina

Communication is the bridge that keeps
any relationship standing.

Wise Pick 8 March 16
Note Pad Coaching

In my mind I walk the universe to find you,
my words lay the path to your heart

Wise Pick 8 March 17

A connection is paved with care and thoughtful communication.

Wise Pick 8 March 18

“mark your words”

Wise Pick 8 March 19
Notice the unnoticed

Communication is the key to all relationships .

Wise Pick 8 March 20

Think and Speak wisely .


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