Wise Pick For 5 July

Wise Pick 5 July

Wise Pick 5 July1

 Rahemeen Ali Khan

The hands of a father
acts like a ladder
for the children
to be successful.

Wise Pick 5 July2

Marie Miller-Ethridge

The love of a parent
is an extended ladder
to the need of their children.

Wise Pick 5 July3

Danica Marie Hierro Dote

Keep moving
unto the direction
of your dreams my child,
and I will always be
your support system
in your every pathways,
endeavors and steps.

Wise Pick 5 July4

Darryl Tombleson

As a parent, we extend
our love and knowledge
to our children,
as they climb that
ladder of life.

Wise Pick 5 July5

Crista Winterkorn

Through your life
I will guide you
with the strength of
solid arms and shoulders
to the ladder of success.

Wise Pick 5 July6

Eduardo G. Lim

A father
will go to great
extents and sacrifices
to help his son
reach his dreams.

Wise Pick 5 July7

Rahemeen Ali Khan

Each step I take
in order to reach heights
is the support of my
father’s forearm.

Wise Pick 5 July8

Mary Kirkpatrick

when a parent shoulders
the initial strain,
their offspring reach heights
and have much more to gain.

Wise Pick 5 July9

Randall Moore

He humbled himself and
helped my career
by allowing me to climb
on the back of his efforts.

Wise Pick 5 July10

Praveen Kulkarni

Our parent’s efforts for us,
are the foundation
of our lives.

Wise Pick 5 July11

Shilpika Bagh

It’s our parent’s ‘sacrifice’;
that we reach ‘heights’ in life.

Wise Pick 5 July12

Sherry Greene

Be the parent
that guides the child
to a good life’s direction.

Wise Pick 5 July13

Maria Salud

Most fathers
would have to stretch
their strength so as to
have their child
reach each goal.

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