Wise Pick For 4 October

wise pick 7 oct

wise pick 7 oct1Pam Schaffer
Within the shadows of books,
thoughts build and emerge.

wise pick 7 oct2Sulekha Pande
In the soft glow of the light,
I beheld a beautiful sight,
in the darkness I found light,
my books showed their might,
I was mesmerized in a blink.
My books and reading,
made me think.

wise pick 7 oct3Mai Quesada
Read and THINK.
A knowledgeable mind
is a powerful asset
in enhancing your personality
and propels you
to your road to success.

wise pick 7 oct4Siony Benemerito McCor
Books are building blocks
of knowledge and creativity.
Good read cultivates
the mind and nurtures
the “thinking” ability.

wise pick 7 oct5Ibe Omanu
The reflection of book
we read in mind
says it all.

wise pick 7 oct6Ashish Verma
Shed some light
onto the books
to broaden
your thinking horizon.

wise pick 7 oct7Shweta Yadav
Books are capable
to make you think.
Broaden your thinking ability
and nurture
your positive thoughts.

wise pick 7 oct8Sherry Greene
Books can
make you laugh or cry.
‘Cause your heart to, soar or sink;
entertain and teach so much.
But most of all,
they make you think.

wise pick 7 oct8Leta DeMello
Open a good book
to allow the shadows
of your mind to think.

wise pick 7 oct10Amber Hess
What you read in ink,
will shape
the way you think.

wise pick 7 oct11Jay_Kay 
The books you read,
and the knowledge you gain
by reading,
is what paves your way
of thought,
perception and lifestyle.

wise pick 7 oct12Lisa Toomey
Critical thinking
is the shadow
behind the words.
Apply what you read.

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