Wise Pick For 4 November

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Wise Pick For 4 NovemberDebra Pry
Everyone’s a mess.
But you just have to
find the right mess
that will stand by you.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberDivya Tuli Garg
Everyone is a mess
and Life is entangled.
Together we can
untangle it
to make it a bless.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberSulekha Pande
The deeper we fell in love
the more
we lost our identities.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberPauline Ebijimi
We are all messed up
with words unspoken.
When two souls meet,
it unravel the mysteries.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberLarry Le Brun
In some relationships,
both totally lose their identities.
In most relationships,
each loses only some.
That’s adaptation
and compromise.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberAmanda Thompson
We may erase our faces
in due time
but the memory
of what we felt
will forever remain
imprinted in our hearts.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberFaith Dunsmuir
Even if you love each other
a messy relationship
can make you lose
your identity.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberWayne Kelley
Scratching out
each other’s existence
is not the solution,
communication is.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberHelene Leanos
Love should enhance,
not deplete us.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberPelumi Samuel
Sometimes in relationships,
people pretend by
not being their true self.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberLife Coach
Hiding from the world,
in your arms.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberHARSHITA
Estranged from the world
to hide the love beneath.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberShahzina Shafi
But feelings can’t be ignored;
no matter how unjust
and ungrateful they seem.

Wise Pick For 4 NovemberSiony Benemerito McCor
Memories will
erase itself overtime.
Be patient
and don’t try to expedite.

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