Wise Pick For 31 August


wise pick 3 sept 1

Debra Pry

Held hostage by a phone,
And becoming more alone.


wise pick 3 sept 2

Leta DeMello

All dressed up
and ready for life –
he was made a prisoner
of his own device.


wise pick 3 sept3


Eyes glued to screen,
what have we become?


wise pick 3 sept4

Ashish Verma

Technology has imprisoned
the human thinking
without realization.


wise pick 3 sept5

Lyn Coffey- Emerling

Our minds create our own prisons,
staring at our phone,
not a way out.


wise pick 3 sept6

David Chapman

Don’t become a prisoner
of your own device.


wise pick 3 sept7

Bea Viva

Now you know
why this thing is called
a “cell “ phone,
don’t you?


wise pick 3 sept8

Monica Mishra

Caught in the “technological” prison for life.


wise pick 3 sept9

Shilpika Bagh

Digitally “engaged”; self “caged”.


wise pick 3 sept10

Pam Schaffer

The captivating light from the digital world
will make you its prisoner.


wise pick 3 sept11

Nanette Bourne

Banished to the digital isolation cell.


wise pick 3 sept12

Sulekha Pande

Enthralled by the light,
I leave all out of sight,
prisoner of my phone,
all I can hear
is the ringing tone.


wise pick 3 sept13

Neeraj Agarwal
Blinded by the attractions of virtual world,
one becomes a prisoner on their own in the real world.


wise pick 3 sept14

Linda Mansolf

Social media will capture you
and make you a prisoner
of your phone.


wise pick 3 sept15

Soumil Basu Mullick
In this era of freedom ,
we are still prisoners
of our own devices.


wise pick 3 sept16

Maylili Glover

A self-imprisonment.


wise pick 3 sept17

Maria Gonzalez

Technology, the Invisible Addiction
that has made us
a prisoner in our own lives.

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