Wise Pick For 30 December

Wise Pick 2 Jan

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 30 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 1

Phyllis Snider Boyer
You’re never alone
when you’re your own best friend.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 2

Joye Marie Tankersley
My shadow self is my companion
in a world where no one listens

Wise Pick 2 Jan 2

Sherry Greene

In a world of so many people,
be your own best friend.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 4

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

In crowds of people I always feel alone.
So…I trust only my shadow,
to guide me home.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 5

Ilda Coelho

You are still, your best company

Wise Pick 2 Jan 6
Pauline Ebijimi

there is nothing as beautiful
as being comfortable with your inner self.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 7
Siony Benemerito McCor

Walk with confidence
be the best version of oneself.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 8
Sayeeda Pearl

Finding the best ally in oneself
is better than being with the crowds
where you don’t fit in.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 9

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
It’s good to spend time alone.
It gives you an opportunity
to discover who you are.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 10
Pooja Abhay Nirmal

Your soul is your constant friend,
will be with you all time like your shadow…

Wise Pick 2 Jan 11
Mary Kirkpatrick

I always stand out in a group
or crowd…and glow,
because my inner confidence
is my shadow.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 12
Lynn Laveau Lund

Being alone and being lonely
are two very different things.
Alone is preferable
to being with the wrong crowd.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 13
Anjana Surendran

With the self there’s no fear
For solitude is the best one to cheer

Wise Pick 2 Jan 14
Aparna Vemuri

Your true self emerges
only when you acknowledge your shadow.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 15
Robin Walker

Until you find comfort within yourself
time with others is wasted and painful.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 16
Shilpika Bagh

We all have that “dark” side;
hold on to with the same “pride”.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 17
Martha Mandaric

Love yourself
and you will never feel alone.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 18
Rinku Shah

Enjoying my solitude…
Is my new attitude!

Wise Pick 2 Jan 19
Sulekha Pande

Love yourself enough
Never to need others
for company.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 20

Kufre Stephens
Learn to love yourself.
People’s opinion of you
can not make you feel lonely.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 21
Saima Saand

Love your self first to be loved by others

Wise Pick 2 Jan 22
Akansha Jain

Spend a little more time with yourself
and a little less trying to impress others.

Wise Pick 2 Jan 23

Sometimes you are
your own best companion.

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