Wise Pick For 30 August

wisepick 2 sept

Wisepick 2sept1

Andrea Angie Tater

Be aware
of your true potential.
It will make life easier.


Wisepick 2sept2

Rinku Shah

Use every resource carefully,
Before we’re left spent fully.
Learn to replenish…
Before things come to a finish.


Wisepick 2sept3

Azmi Bumçi

We are able to light up our own soul
instead of trying to seek light from others.


Wisepick 2sept4

Shilpika Bagh

Once the burning desire in you is “alive”;
even with limitations every possibility you can “ignite.


Wisepick 2sept5

Faith Dunsmuir

A small spark is the beginning
of something more beautiful.


Wisepick 2sept6


The fire is burning up inside.
Light it.
Know your true potential and power.


Wisepick 2sept7

Qiana Yanie Newell

All you need
is already inside of you.
Learn to use your gifts.


Wisepick 2sept8

Lisa Dutkiewicz

The one that lights everyone else’s fire
must first learn how to light their own fire.


Wisepick 2sept9

Jennifer Gigi Friedman Schaeffer

The easy way may be quick
but the hard way is more rewarding.


Wisepick 2sept10

Chrissie Carr Dorton

Running on empty
but keeping the flame burning.


Wisepick 2sept11

Milla Jay

All the technology and no brains.


Wisepick 2sept12

Bev Yercheck

We make our lives so difficult
when we don’t recognize our own potential.


Wisepick 2sept13

Amber Hess

Why are we the last ones
to see our own potential??


Wisepick 2sept14

Swapnil Mane

What we need
is stored inside us.


Wisepick 2sept15

Subhawana Sharma

When you are ignorant
about your inside potential
then you end up
exhausted outside.


Wisepick 2sept16

Meghan Tzilves

Find your light within.


Wisepick 2sept17


The spark lies in your potential.

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