Wise Pick For 3 September

wise pic 6 sep

wise pic 6 sep1

Nancy Shurkoff
With each passing day,
the memory of you fades away.

wise pic 6 sep2

Siony Benemerito McCor
Appreciate the togetherness,
Cherish the moment,
before it becomes a memory

wise pic 6 sep3

Sulekha Pande
Holding on to your shadow,
I refuse to let go

wise pic 6 sep4

Ashish Verma
Your love for me
has shattered into pieces and
blown away by the wind,
making my life gloomy and blind.

wise pic 6 sep5

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Loving you meant:
loving your darkness,
even as I lost myself piece by piece.

wise pic 6 sep6

Ashok Pande
Bittersweet memories,
With shadows of time,
Creep up softly,
In the deepest
Corners of your mind but,
Face it,
Accept it,
They are a lesson in,
What was & what could have been.

wise pic 6 sep7

Jackie De Klerk
And whilst I watched,
you faded away and slipped
from the palm of my hand.

wise pic 6 sep8

Barbara Ellen
She was the flowers
you blew away
with the blackness of your soul

wise pic 6 sep9

Alan Scott
Be careful of how you behave..
the one you love could crumble away like ash.

wise pic 6 sep10

Logan Littau
You sit unknowingly as I fall to pieces.
The past won’t let anyone in again.

wise pic 6 sep11

Shilpika Bagh
We all have our “dark side” ;
if the love is true will stay “despite”

wise pic 6 sep12

Joe Rodgers
He had become dark, cold and broken,
without his love she fell to pieces.

wise pic 6 sep13

Lisa Blewitt Tusing
She needs more than the shadow of a man
that you’ve become,
so piece by piece she fades away.

wise pic 6 sep14

Helene Heleen Helene
He looks to be doing fine
while you are falling to pieces.

wise pic 6 sep15

Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
Everyone we meet
is a compilation of pieces of a life
we know nothing about.
Be kind.

wise pic 6 sep16

Sherry Greene
I often feel you right next to me.
Like you’re only a reach away.
But then, like butterflies in the wind,
Your dancing wings take you away.

wise pic 6 sep17

Nikki Quintal
Sitting and waiting in the shadows of time .
As thoughts of u slowly desovle.

Wise Pick For 3 September

Kay Sina-on
Show your love and care
while you still have time..
stop crying over spilled milk

wise pic 6 sep19

Frances McCabe
Though you are no longer at my side
I feel your presence all around me

wise pic 6 sep20

Shahzina Shafi
My illusions

wise pic 6 sep21

Queen lillapad
I broke into a million pieces
when I knew we were done

wise pic 6 sep22

Maya Thorpe
She’s gone
but still her memories remain.

wise pic 6 sep23

Always beside you,
even if I myself fall apart.

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