Wise Pick For 3 July

Wise Pick 3 July

Wise Pick 3 July1

Donna McCarthy

Comforting words
feel like a warm embrace.

Wise Pick 3 July2

Barbara Bauer

Embrace my soul
with your words and
you can read my mind.

Wise Pick 3 July3

Maria Ferns

Written with love,
sealed with a hug.
My emotions unfold,
with feelings untold.
Magic of words is an illusion,
as I feel myself,
embrace your pain
and discomfort.

Wise Pick 3 July4

Debra Pry

I fall in love,
with the words you write.
Embracing my wild heart,
on a poetic flight.

Wise Pick 3 July5

Leigh Novak

Write to your loved ones.
Your words will embrace them
and bring them comfort
when you no longer can.

Wise Pick 3 July6

Ashish Verma

Embracing into the world
of your words make me
forget pain and provide
utmost comfort to my soul.

Wise Pick 3 July7

Sherilyn Campbell

Words feed my soul;
spoken or written
they bring comfort.

Wise Pick 3 July8

Badet Laya

Embrace me
with your love through
actions and words.

Wise Pick 3 July9

Marie Miller-Ethridge

You embrace me with your words,
that brings comfort to my soul.
Like a blanket, it comforts me,
protecting me from the
cold reality of your absence.
Removing all my doubts and fears.

Wise Pick 3 July10

Disha Vidyarthi Jha

Essence of pure love
is beyond words.

Wise Pick 3 July11

Shilpika Bagh

A hug of kind ‘words’;
give solace
to the inner ‘world’.

Wise Pick 3 July12

Allison Parsons

Wrap me in your arms
and embrace me
in your words.

Wise Pick 3 July13

Shana Pascoe

Your words
embrace me
when I need you now.

Wise Pick 3 July14

Sulekha Pande

The world of words,
phrases, idioms and stories,
opens up new vistas
and embraces me.

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