Wise Pick For 3 January

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 3 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryRinku Shah
A meaningful conversation…
Is the best connection.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryBeena Baburajan

When Soulmates connect
there are no missing pieces,
the minds complete the relationship puzzle!

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryKamlesh Bhasin

The strength in their love,
connected the two together
as two pieces of jigsaw puzzle…!

Wise Pick For 3 JanuarySherry Greene

We may not be a perfect fit,
but we do fit together quite nicely,
my dear.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryCeree Davis

A perfect fit isn’t necessarily
a matching color.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuarySharon Stahlhut

You are the missing piece
of my puzzle.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryAshish Verma

What a profound pleasure is felt
when different thoughts of two individuals
combine in a perfect way.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryDebra Pry

Love is enigma.
Where communication flows,
That’s where the pieces go.
And love will come together.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryNc Dash

No puzzle in life remains unsolved
when you speak to each other.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

Be vocal in your relationship.
It helps to properly connect with each other.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryKathy Pogachnick

Physical attraction is common.
Mental attraction is rare.
Finding both in the same person
is a treasure to behold.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryDenise Estis

Two stories shared are pieced together,
creating balance and perfect symmetry.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryTanu Malhotra

Meeting of Minds is stronger virtue
than Mating of Bodies

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryShilpika Bagh

“Communication” is key;
to fill in the missing “peace”.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryAlan Scott

Talking things out sincerely
helps to solve the puzzle.

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryNicole Dundon Blanchard

You are the piece
that brings me peace.

Wise Pick For 3 Januarybhoomi

Our thoughts connect
and so do our souls

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryKarthik Parthasarathy

Your words complete mine…

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryDivya Jain

A common reason to connect
can defeat all other reasons
to disconnect and fall apart

Wise Pick For 3 JanuaryDavid Chapman

It is possible to have
a respectable conservation
with different perspectives
and still find common ground.


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