Wise Pick For 3 February

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 3 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryMary Kirkpatrick
What will be your next discovery?
Seek and climb the ladder of INFINITY.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryRinku Shah

The light was shining bright,
Climbing towards it felt right.
Treading carefully…
This journey feels heavenly!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryBeena Baburajan

When you are Aligned.
To your true calling.
Every step of your climb.
Is joyful and luminous!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryKamlesh Bhasin

Stepping on the ladder of meditation
can lead you
to the bliss of the universe!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryJudy Razink

There’s no goals too high
that can’t be conquered.
Climb to the sky.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryKim DeCocco-Sharon

The stairway to heaven
and then ladder of success
truly the outcome is simply the best!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruarySarita Khullar

Stepping towards enlightenment.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruarySulekha Pande

The shining light
Of my soul,
Guides me towards
My ultimate goal.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

Take your first step
and with diligence
climb the ladder of success.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryBob Dee

The climb to success
begins with the first step.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryDebra Pry

To climb the ladder of success,
you must keep your mindset
filled with passion.
Always Reach for the Stars.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

To achieve the “conscious state” of mind;
have to work within “one step” at a time

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryPhyllis Snider Boyer

Don’t let your struggle to the top
prevent you from reaching
beyond your grasp.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryJackie Zedalis

Keep climbing up toward your goal.
Reach for the stars!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruarySherry Greene

Step up into a world of wonder,
A world of unlimited dreams,
Accomplishments, fulfillment.
Take those steps now.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryAshish Verma

Spirituality opens the way
to connect with the universe.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryLisa Dutkiewicz

Never stop reaching for the stars.
Your dreams will lead you afar.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryMary Cook

Each rung-a good deed,
each good deed-a step closer to heaven.

Wise Pick For 3 Februaryसुमन हुलाकी

Follow your soul
climb the steps of imagination
Discover the self

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryLife Coach

Every day,
one step towards
higher consciousness.
Keep going!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryJen J

Endless possibilities await,
as you climb the ladder of success.
Your focus is your power.

Wise Pick For 3 Februaryispeakmymuses

I always wondered
how the glow of success felt like.
It was one fine day
I decided to staircase to feel it myself!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryNeva Dioso Inocencio

No stairs too high
for a determined man!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryJahnveeTheSeekingSoul

Hard work, Determination,
Faith and Perseverance
is all it takes to climb
the ladder of success.
Keep going. You got this!

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryDivya Jain

Firmly stepping up the ladder of life,
strength by strength.. one day at a time.

Wise Pick For 3 FebruaryGena Brixey Bias
Step by step
we rise above
into our conscious awareness


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