Wise Pick For 29 February

Wise Pick 3 March

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 29 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick 3 March 1
Sulekha Pande
Abuse always leaves a mark,
On the body, mind and soul.

Wise Pick 3 March 2
Peta Dickson

If the bruises on your soul were visible

Wise Pick 3 March 3
Martha Mandaric

You can hide the marks of the past,
but you can’t hide from the imprints
they have left on your mind, body and soul.

Wise Pick 3 March 4
Jodie Nicely

Handprints of memories
forever emblazoned on my skin.

Wise Pick 3 March 5
Jennifer Gigi Friedman Schaeffer

Clothes may hide the scars,
but if you want to see me,
just look into my eyes.

Wise Pick 3 March 6
Anjana Surendran

She kept herself veiled to hide
the abuses that tamed and groomed her to ideality.

Wise Pick 3 March 7
Bob Ritter

Abuse can’t be seen with the eyes
only the Spirit can discern a touched soul.

Wise Pick 3 March 8
Darshan Marlecha

Love enlightens a soul,
whereas lust leaves a scar.

Wise Pick 3 March 9
Anjana Surendran

Her screams muted and scars
veiled she struggled to survive.

Wise Pick 3 March 10
Zuza Berczel

Takers leave their prints on a giver
like a welt from a kind assault..

Wise Pick 3 March 11
Rational Akrofi Akuffo

None reached my mind to know it’s beauty.
They all reached for my body to partake of it.

Wise Pick 3 March 12
Karin Gehring

Everybody wants a piece of me!

Wise Pick 3 March 13
Mayet Pequena – Rivera

a woman of resilience fought
her way out of the abyss of abuse .

Wise Pick 3 March 14
Ashish Verma

The imprints of abuse leave
a long lasting impact on the mind of a victim.

Wise Pick 3 March 15
Amber Dawn Roach

Thoughts of an Empath: “As she took off her cape,
she realized
how many souls she saved that day
by just being herself.

Wise Pick 3 March 16
Nancy Jean Macneil

The stains of many hands that touched my
life shall remain forever imprinted on my soul.

Wise Pick 3 March 17
Victoria Kaylor

She hides her bruises under a scarf of lies.

Wise Pick 3 March 18
Judy Abiera

Being a woman is the most difficult,
we are judged even by just the touch of hands.

Wise Pick 3 March 19
Mary Angelica Amerkhan

Life has beaten and imprinted
her but it will never break her soul.

Wise Pick 3 March 20
Sharon Stahlhut

Her broken but beautiful body had been
man-handled by too many anonymous men.

Wise Pick 3 March 21
Ilda Coelho

A girls skin taken as if she has
no saying in the matter- unforgettable crimes .

Wise Pick 3 March 22

If the scars on her skin could talk.

Wise Pick 3 March 23
kiruthi punnagai

Not all the fingerprints opens the way,
sometimes it closes the door completely.

Wise Pick 3 March 24
Alice Axle Kingston

She let too many people leave
their mark instead of making her own.

Wise Pick 3 March 25
Marelaine Louw

Sometimes you feel as if you
carry the world on your back.

Wise Pick 3 March 26
Elsa Anna

Many backstabbed her
but she stood firm and grew to inspire others.


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