Wise Pick For 29 August

Wise Pick For 29 August

wise pick 1Sept 1

Wayne Kelley

Standing out through your faith.



wise pick 1Sept 2

Lisa Dutkiewicz

Stand out from the rest
with the book that is the best.



wise pick 1Sept3

Sherry Greene

Someone once told me
to read the best
And you will stand out
from all the rest.



wise pick 1Sept4

Sulekha Pande

Spiritual knowledge
reflects upon your personality,
it gives your persona,
a rare quality.



wise pick 1Sept5

Charmaine DeSouza

Why blend in
when you are meant to be unique?
Gift your mind the power of knowledge
and you’ll always stand out.



wise pick 1Sept6

Shilpika Bagh

You can kindle a million “mind”;
when you are spiritually “inclined”



wise pick 1Sept7

Siony Benemerito McCor

In the world full of uncertainty and doubts,
Your faith illuminates through the crowds.



wise pick 1Sept8

Linda Mansolf

The “Truth” will standout
You can be the Light of your Lord.



wise pick 1Sept9

Robin Walker

It’s what is in your head
that shines through your soul.



wise pick 1Sept10

Leta Marie DeMello

You can expose your mind
to the toxicity in modern culture,
or feed your spirit
to nourish your soul.
The choice is yours.



wise pick 1Sept11

Ashish Verma

A man with spiritual knowledge
always outshone the people
with general knowledge.



wise pick 1Sept12

Ankit Pandey

Holy man illuminates
with the light of wisdom.



wise pick 1Sept13

Da Wei Hamilton

Many read,
but few are enlightened.



wise pick 1Sept14

Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman

In a world full of good and bad news,
the Word of God is the leading light.



wise pick 1Sept15

Jackie De Klerk

It takes the right book
to enlighten your soul.



wise pick 1Sept16

Arun ShaRma

You become what you read.
Feed your mind wisely.



wise pick 1Sept17


A light among the shadows.



wise pick 1Sept18


I was made to stand out,

not fit in.

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