Wise Pick For 28 June

Wise Pick For 28 June

Wise Pick 28 June1

Rahemeen Ali Khan

The saddest side effect of technology is that it has taken over human voices.


Wise Pick 28 June2


Beena Sam

Technology addiction sadly deafens us to no end, separating us from even our inner voices.

Wise Pick 28 June3


Darryl Tombleson

Evolution brings technology and further stress, which now sadly supersedes family and human interaction.

Wise Pick 28 June4


Shilpika Bagh

When we
choose to ‘ignore’;
the voices of our ‘own’.

Wise Pick 28 June5


Donna McCarthy

Know matter
how loud I am
it falls on deaf ears.

Wise Pick 28 June6

Mary Kirkpatrick

Creating family division
is a lack of parental vision.

Wise Pick 28 June7


Susitina Solo

This is what happens
when you let technology
get in the way of
spending time
with your child.

Wise Pick 28 June8


Shilpika Bagh

The attention
they ‘deserve’;
we choose to ‘defer’.

Wise Pick 28 June9

Ankita Gupta

Break the barriers to hear from your loved ones.

Wise Pick 28 June10

Mary Kirkpatrick

When you are tuned in and tuned out, the forgotten child has to shout.

Wise Pick 28 June11

Rational Akrofi Akuffo

Never create a situation where your child has to compete with social media for your attention.

Wise Pick 28 June12

Zalina Hosein

Never be so consumed
in yourself that you
don’t hear the voices
of our little ones.

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