Wise Pick For 25 July

Wise Pick 28 July

Wise Pick 28 July1

Sulekha Pande

Some people leave a void,
you just can’t fill
with anyone else

Wise Pick 28 July2

Nikki Noonan

“Cycle of the Narc”

Wise Pick 28 July3

Rinku Shah

It’s time you know.
People will come and go.
You were and are whole,
Remember this lesson of the soul.

Wise Pick 28 July4

Lubhita Shekhawat

Temporary people provide
temporary happiness

Wise Pick 28 July5

Laetitia Ball

Tossing out old loves
to replace with new
will never fill a heartless soul.

Wise Pick 28 July6

Helene Leanos

A vacuous person
will never fill a void in life;
always looking,
never satisfying,
always empty.


Wise Pick 28 July7

Maria Ferns

Empty within,
Looking for someone to fit in.
The search never stops
until we find a match
to our thoughts.

Wise Pick 28 July8

Ashish Verma

Searching for the lost love
in others to fill your void
won’t alter your emptiness
and leaves you in more mess

Wise Pick 28 July9

Paul James Soliven Rayray

We may find temporary happiness
in other people,
but no one else in the world
can fill the void in our souls
but ourselves.

Wise Pick 28 July10

Tina Moscato

The search for our inner peace
continues until we recognize
that the only true love
is that of loving ourselves
so that any void
need not be felt.

Wise Pick 28 July11

Laura Smith

If your happiness
depends on others,
you will be forever
going from person to person.
Find your happiness within;
make yourself happy.

Wise Pick 28 July12

Monica Mishra

Building your own happiness
in small things
nullifies the emptiness
within your heart.

Wise Pick 28 July13

Shweta Yadav

You cannot fill the emptiness
in your life
relying on love from outside.
Happiness is within you,
realise and embrace it,
otherwise you will always
be in dark
and remain unsatisfied.

Wise Pick 28 July14

Xyriz Paz Estrellado

The emptiness you feel
can never be filled
by relationship after relationship.
You have to love yourself first
to fill the emptiness within.

Wise Pick 28 July15

Leta Marie DeMello

To seek inner healing
through another,
is choosing to remain empty.
But if you look within yourself,
you may discover
all that has been missing.

Wise Pick 28 July16

Rivi Verma

Existential void!

Wise Pick 28 July17

Kokila Sooriyagoda

Light to your darken soul
is within you;
not with the ones
who come and go.

Wise Pick 28 July18

Caroline Julø Holmgaard

No one will be able
to fill out the hole in you
when you can’t
do it yourself.

Wise Pick 28 July19


No one else
is capable of filling that void
other than yourself 💗

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