Wise Pick For 28 February

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 28 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryNason Ray
Self love can piece back
what others tore apart

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryMartha Mandaric

Mending of a heart takes time,
patience and a lot of love and care.
Beware, a mend is fragile

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryPhyllis Snider Boyer

It takes a special touch
to mend a broken heart.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryRohini J

Heal the wound within and the scar
remains a beautiful memory

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryPooja Abhay Nirmal

Every tear of your heart
can be stitched
if tailored right by you

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryShubha Bhandarkar

Stitching the torn pieces
of your heart is an art.
Use threads of love,
compassion and hope.
With patience
you can create a masterpiece!

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryDarshan Marlecha

Every stitch fades the scar
left by others,
and proves we have a forgiving heart.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

It takes a while but in the end
the stitches help in the healing process.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryCarol Downey Dawson

A needle to sew it up
after your needles blow it up

Wise Pick For 28 FebruarySulekha Pande

Heal your broken heart
With the suture of hope.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

Trust those “hands”
when you are in pain;
“heal” your wounds of heart ache.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryAnjana Surendran

Be your own therapist
and mend the heart when in need.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryMidonelö Kęndil

Cure yourself
as you knit the wounds inside.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryMary Angelica Amerkhan

Fixing a broken heart.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryPattee McAleenan

A heart can mend
but the scars are forever.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryJudy Abiera

Being broken hearted is unavoidable.
We live to love and be hurt,
we get hurt to learn to heal ourselves.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryKarl Edwards

Sewn together
with a needle of self love
using thread
made of contentment and peace

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryAnand Singh Josh

We can only try to heal
the wounds of heart
but ultimately it’s time
which heals everything.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryPriyanka Vohra

Mend your broken heart
with small threads of hope
for a brighter future

Wise Pick For 28 FebruarySalma

Healing comes within

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryMariella Robles

After the bleeding pain
was oozing out.

Wise Pick For 28 FebruaryMarilyn Cooklin

tattered and torn, but I’ll mend.


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