Wise Pick For 28 August


wise pick 31 aug1

Michele Rasmussen Daffron

Appreciate the tree,
for it’s much more
than you see!



wise pick 31 aug2

Katherine Hart

A rooted Foundation
Will Not Fall.



wise pick 31 aug3

Shin Lozada

But when the last tree was cut
so thus our life.
Protect it.



wise pick 31 aug4

Sulekha Pande

Protection of the roots
is the key to survival.



wise pick 31 aug5

Sherilyn Campbell

Always rely on your roots
they will hold you steadfast.



wise pick 31 aug6

Imelda R. Garcia

The foundation of our work
is what will hold us up
when we’re on the edge of collapsing.



wise pick 31 aug7

Sarita Khullar

Saving the saviour,
the tree that’s strong
inside and outside.



wise pick 31 aug8

Michelle Farley

Strength comes from places
you may not see or expect.



wise pick 31 aug9

Rinku Shah

Enough of war, criticism and being a taker,
It’s time to be a giver.
Like our Mother Nature,
Learn something little creature.



wise pick 31 aug10

Cory Cook

Stand tall for what you truly believe in
and your faith will grow
into a foundation of support.



wise pick 31 aug11

Rational Akrofi Akuffo

Man’s survival is dependent
on the roots of the last tree.



wise pick 31 aug12

Charmaine DeSouza

Never forget your roots
because life has a way
of making you remember them!



wise pick 31 aug13

Johanna M. Rojas

Strong roots will help you
hold your ground



wise pick 31 aug14

Kimi Raven

We never know how important
something or someone is
until it’s too late.



wise pick 31 aug15

Ashish Verma

Instead of reaping infinite benefits of nature
humans have been insignificantly ruining it
and thereby digging their own grave
and calling themselves to death.



wise pick 31 aug16

Senthil KA

Humans and trees are like father and mother
of a child as earth .
If one fall apar
t earth would collapse like a child.



wise pick 31 aug17

Nadine Gue

Natures life is Humanities survival-
It’s a win-win solution.



wise pick 31 aug18


Exploitation and destruction of nature
is the fall of mankind



wise pick 31 aug19

Keerthi M Anand

Mutually saved



wise pick 31 aug20

Jovi Oseh

Be careful what you kill,
cause it might be the only thing saving your life.

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