Wise Pick For 27 November

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 27 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberEmmanuel Salau
Over-thinking is nothing
but a mental trap.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberAsmiya S
Nothing can trap you
like your own thoughts.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberLinda Williams
Don’t let your thoughts
keep you trapped.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberRinku Shah
A mind in knots
leaves the man
trapped in his thoughts.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberAshish Verma
A tangled mind
causes entrapment of thoughts.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberLinda Mansolf
Keeping your thoughts to yourself
may prove to be a good idea.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberCynthia Shifflet
Sometimes we feel trapped
while trying to think or express
what’s on our mind.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberCarolyn Smith
Trapped in the
thoughts of yesterday.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberMary Kirkpatrick
A ‘thinker’ is always
caught in thought.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberIbe Omanu
We can only be free
if our trapped thoughts set free.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberKathy Pogachnick
Trapped thoughts traps the heart.
Release the thoughts
and open your heart.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
One trapped
in their own thoughts
cannot be freed.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberSam Titi Pudumo
Overthinking is a trap
that snares your
freedom of speech.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberHema Krishnamurthy
Don’t let your thoughts
confine you.
Grow beyond your thoughts.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberInna Saputro
Trapped by your
own thought.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberSuz
Sometimes your
own thoughts are a trap

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberHARSHITA
Look for a way
to release your
trapped thoughts.

Wise Pick For 27 Novemberchittarasmurthy
Words are trapped
by the own thoughts.

Wise Pick For 27 NovemberKufre Stephens
Trapped in my
own thoughts
in a world full of mysteries.


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