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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 27 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryPam Hanna
Lose yourself in the light

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryKim DeCocco-Sharon

Light a match to my restless mind
which never sleeps.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryLisa Dutkiewicz

My love for you makes me melt.
The fire is burning like I have never felt.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruarySulekha Pande

Don’t fret if your life is dark,
Ignite your life with your own spark.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruarySherry Greene

I focused so hard on pleasing you
I burned myself out
Now I’m less than I used to be

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryGloria Velasco

He ignited the flame,
then left it blowing in the wind.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryAnita Hornby

As the illusion melts away
our eternal flame reveals itself.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

“Burn out” in life;
“fulfilling” others expectations.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryPayal Monga

My soul spirit keeps burning
amid pain and deceit
(without destroying me
yet destroying me superficially).

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryDarshan Marlecha

All that melts
and brighten others life
is always not a wax.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryDhatri Tandon

Don’t burn out to bring the light,
embrace the darkness and stay alive.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryAlan Scott

Whenever the flame inside you
burns with great intensity,
how others perceive you
no longer matters.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruarySiony Benemerito McCor

We can never be
the source of light and heat,
Without burning a part
of our own candle stick.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryJoe Rodgers

Never be afraid of the flames inside.
let your fears melt away
and your true self shine.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruarySheena Gupta

She burnt herself
to light her children’s lives.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryLaura Lightworker

Don’t always burn your flame
by lighting others candles,
too much and you’ll disappear.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryAnn Quek-Hasenauer

Take time out for yourself
and don’t burn yourself out.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryEmily Calbario

Life is like a candle,
if you don’t use your light in a good way,
the same light will burn you out.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryAnjana Surendran

All the while she melted
and held the dear ones sheltered.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryMonica Sharma

Enlightenment comes with a price.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryAnubha Sharma

Melting inch by inch
from the wicked heat
of my sorrows.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryJudy Abiera

over thinking burns you,
melt you until there is none.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryBeena Baburajan

Consumed by one’s own Light!

Wise Pick For 27 FebruarySarrveshwaran

It’s ok to melt away,
as long as you send out the light.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryTerri Knuth

The light of awareness in each of us
is the only “I” that can see the truth.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryAndrea Huston

My brain at 2am
when all I want is sleep.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryTopaz Ruby

A burning desire to play with fire.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryPatricia Burtescu

Allow the power of your Spirit
melt away all limitations and fears

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryNeha

One Destroyed
by burning desires.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryAnita Boro

One candle can light thousands.

Wise Pick For 27 FebruaryHimaabindu

Melt yourself in light of knowledge


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