Wise Pick For 26 October

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Wise Pick For 26 OctoberShilpika Bagh
Today’s social media ‘plight’;
confessions with no ‘copyright’.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberKate Kidd
Confess your sins and mistakes
to Facebook
and they will broadcast it
to the world.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberRinku Shah
Facebook will broadcast
every confession you make
of the present or past.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberLisa Dutkiewicz
The confession of your sin
becomes a public announcement
through your Facebook post.
Be careful of what you do boast.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberSulekha Pande
There’s no need to broadcast,
every feeling, every emotion,
every incidence of your life
on facebook.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberSherry Greene
Some of us
are a little too quick
to share our confessions
with the world.
Save a bit for yourself.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberShana Pascoe
the speaker of
today’s confessionals,
eventually in stone.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberSherilyn Campbell
It is sinful
how much time
we waste on the internet.
We were happier
before we had to compare
our lives and compete
with those on social media.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberHelene Heleen Helene
Don’t make your confession
or your life announcements
on Facebook.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberPhyllis Snider Boyer
Be cautious about where you
place your confidence.
Confidentiality is not a
social media trait.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberJim Joseph Sarona
The more you confess yourself
on social media,
the more you’re being propagated
and fed on prying ears.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberDianna Jacobs
is the ultimate broadcasting center
of confessing everyone’s secrets.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberGina Marino-Vitiello
Don’t use
Facebook to broadcast.
Use it to connect.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberSandy Rozelman
Facebook is no place
to broadcast your problems.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberMary Kirkpatrick
Confess your misdeeds
and do your penance.
Shared on Facebook,
it will spread with vengeance.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberLinda Mansolf
Social media
will rob you of your privacy,
Be careful what you share.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberCynthia Millentree
Trying to adjust Facebook,
only makes it broadcast
louder to the world.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberDeborah Taylor
Making confession on Facebook
is the same as
announcing your grievance
to the world.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberHARSHITA
Be careful while choosing
the medium to ventilate,
it might be echoed.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberBattle_Scar
Nothing is hidden
in the world of social media.

Wise Pick For 26 Octobersoul seer
You make confessions
through social media
but it’s a hollow world,
one must confess to themselves.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberRoman N. Tamang
Confessing on Facebook
means telling the whole world
what’s in your mind and heart.

Wise Pick For 26 Octoberkimspiration
There’s no such thing
as private broadcasting.
What you share
will always be out there.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberBrooke Smith
our confessions.

Wise Pick For 26 OctoberKristie Hanewinckel
Give your confessions
to the Lord and
allow him to humble you.
Don’t give them to social media
for people to judge
and abuse your life.

Wise Pick For 26 Octoberpang_palita26
Facebook knows,
everyone knows.

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