Wise Pick For 26 November

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 26 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberRinku Shah
A parched mind
can only rain empty words.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberPhyllis Snider Boyer
A hardened mind
cannot be softened
with just watered-down words.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberSulekha Pande
Conflict between
words and thinking
results in empty words
with no soul.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberShilpika Bagh
The ‘shower’ of words
is meaningless;
if they are ‘parched’
of thoughtfulness.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberBeena Baburajan
An old parched soul
imparting life lessons
like a shower of rain
that can quench
the absorbent minds
of the young.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberSruthy Siju
With droughts in your mind,
how can you promise rain.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberDith GC
No amount of rain
can soften
the hardest thoughts.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
Our words
should be a reflection
of our thought patterns.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberDavid Chapman
Do not allow someone
with rocks in their head
to rain on your parade.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberLinda Mansolf
No amount of water
can soften a
hardened mind.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberSiony Benemerito McCor
Speaking for himself,
the one thing he needs,
raindrops to hydrate,
one’s thirsty head.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberSam Titi Pudumo
A dry mind
will always preach
the promise of rain.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberAshish Verma
You cannot expect rain
to happen,
if your mind is barren.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberRoshna_Khadka
Preaching rain on stones,
will not bloom you flowers.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberKufre Stephens
For some people,
what they say is different
from what they think.

Wise Pick For 26 Novembersharon
Deserted minds
make promises
of bountiful oasis.

Wise Pick For 26 Novemberj_pena7
Selling people
false dreams.

Wise Pick For 26 NovemberLife Coach
Taking our own advice
can be tough.

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