Wise Pick For 25 September

Wise Pick For 25 September

wise pick 28 sep1Leta Marie DeMello
Sticks and stones may break bones,
but words can break a soul

wise pick 28 sep2Carmen Flick
Words can serve as a condemning force breaking the self-worth of the inner being

wise pick 28 sep3Sulekha Pande
The inferiority complex,
manifests itself as superiority complex…
Those who try and humiliate others,
almost always suffer from trauma,
low self-esteem and damaged souls

wise pick 28 sep4Dianna Jacobs
Your words you choose have the power to destroy another human’s self-worth, and those words could very well be the last words someone ever hears before giving up. So do you want the power of your words to be known for building someone up or breaking them down?

wise pick 28 sep5Frances McCabe
Words spoken in anger can never be taken back the damage is immeasurable you may forgive but you will never forget

wise pick 28 sep6Rinku Shah
What someone opines,
Never defines…
You or your worth,
Rise and shine henceforth!

wise pick 28 sep7Mai Quesada
Believe in your own self-worth…
no one has the right to question your own belief!

wise pick 28 sep8Preet Mishra
Be kind with your actions you may give a scar to your love ones

wise pick 28 sep9Dolores O’Donnell-Fanning
Insecure people selfishly use words to desecrate others because of their own insecurities. Words can crumble the spirit if permitted to do so but they can also empower when used as a defense. Use words wisely.

wise pick 28 sep10Linda Mansolf
Words hurt!
Abuse comes in many forms and words are embedded in your mind forever

wise pick 28 sep11Maher Marie
Sometimes the silence and actions of others are not spoken but we feel it in greater volume and depth.

wise pick 28 sep12Mich Elle
Emotional abuse takes its toll, striking out and wounding its victims but without visible signs to be acknowledged and supported as having suffered abuse.

wise pick 28 sep13Ashok Pande
A Word,
Spoken with
Harshness, contempt or anger,
Is more painful,
Than a thousand
Physical tortures

wise pick 28 sep14Beena Baburajan
Patriarchy wearing a narcissistic crown…..
Looking down at a woman with a frown…
Rise my sister and raise your voice…
We have your back, make that choice…
For the mothers, sisters, and daughters…
Stand up and fight while the abuse shatters.

wise pick 28 sep15Ashish Verma
A narcissist will always make an empath suffers

wise pick 28 sep16Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
Verbal abuse is cruel and crushes both mind and spirit,
And is as poison is to the drinker for all who hear it.

wise pick 28 sep17Fatmah Sittie
Words are more deadly than weapons that it can slowly kill you inside without you knowing

wise pick 28 sep18Lisa Blewitt Tusing
Cruel words spoken in anger inflict trauma that remains, like a black shadow casting darkness on the soul.

wise pick 28 sep19Siony Benemerito McCor
Never let insults break down your spirit, believe in yourself.
Have confidence, you are worth it.
Don’t let anyone take away your greatness.

wise pick 28 sep20Kim DeCocco-Sharon
Do not be a prisoner of verbal abuse, it will destroy your self-worth.

wise pick 28 sep21Jo Lunde
Stop letting someone else’s dark shadow define you

wise pick 28 sep22Shilpika Bagh
A “grip” of harsh words; can “rip” the self-worth

wise pick 28 sep23Mohd Rafiq
The Narcissistic daily routines.Words as a weapon to satisfy his own daily needs.

wise pick 28 sep24Amber Hess
Harsh words like cancer grow. You’re worth more than this I hope you know!

wise pick 28 sep25Nc Dash
Nothing represses like self-reproach,
Nothing redresses like self-assurance.

wise pick 28 sep26Heart Talk
The inhuman kills the human in me

wise pick 28 sep27Pelumi Samuel
Don’t let anyone oppress you through intimidation.

wise pick 28 sep28Rivi Verma
Not everything said to you should be taken as the truth. It’s mere a perspective of other people

wise pick 28 sep29soul seer
Don’t let someone else decide your worth…your worth is what you decide for yourself.

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