Wise Pick For 25 November

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 25 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberWicked Bad Girl
The horror of war
begins the moment
a soldier leaves home.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberShilpika Bagh
On a mission as ‘I embark’;
still with you as ‘we part’.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberIlda Coelho
Walk of duty,
sacrificing it all,
leaving a promise of return.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberDenise Estis
Tearing me apart
to leave.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberBrandy Michelle
Crippled by obligations.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberFaith Dunsmuir
When a soldier goes to war
they will always leave
a part of themselves behind.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberSulekha Pande
I leave in body,
but shall stay with you
in spirit.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberCeree Davis
My feet are planted
in the foundation of my family,
but my country calls
for their protection.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberRinku Shah
I leave for the motherland.
Leaving a part of me
in your hand.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberBobbi Clax
You can keep that piece of me
until I return home.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberSharon Stahlhut
Love and duty make goodbyes
devastatingly sad.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberMay Gregorio Demafiles
It bleeds for a soldier
to leave his family behind
for all uncertainties
of a call of duty.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberFrankie Crabtree England
Every soldier
leaves his roots at home;
while fighting for love in his heart.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberLeslie Dawn
PTSD. Pieces or trauma
soldiers leave behind
in the name of duty.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberSiony Benemerito McCor
The bravest heroes of all time
is the family
you left in tears behind.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberAnjana Surendran
Sacrifice on one side
leads to the safety of other.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
I bid my family adieu
leaving behind my feet
to dedicate my life
to my country on the war front.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberBrooke Smith
Simply sacrifice.
Fighting for one’s country
is the bravest sacrifice of all,
but in doing so,
the biggest sacrifice is
leaving one’s family.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberKufre Stephens
A tragic balance of sacrifice
between love for the family
and love for the nation.

Wise Pick For 25 NovemberSTUPIDITY QUOTES
We’re (family) living
with the presence
of your footprints.

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