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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 25 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruarySulekha Pande
Wind yourself up
With smiles and positivity.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryPooja Gupta

You may be unaware of the key
to positivity and happiness.
Did you search within yourself?

Wise Pick For 25 FebruarySherry Greene

You are the key
To my energy!

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryHelene Leanos

Our motivation comes from knowing
that we have the key to success
within ourselves.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryPayal Kantharia

Don’t be like a toy robot.
When you are born as a human,
behave, think and act like humans!

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryYvonne Kathleen Rhodes

The key to a stress free life
Unwind yourself with happy memories.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryPooja Abhay Nirmal

When the right partner keys you up,
life becomes colourful and meaningful.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryMyt Xtina

You can be the key
to someone else’s success or failure.
Be mindful.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryVin Nox

your good heart will serve as the key
to enlighten you in darkness and sorrows.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryPhyllis Snider Boyer

Be cautious of who holds
the key to your happiness.
Watch your back!

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryFelicia Renteria-Holmes

Love is the key to happiness.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryYasser Abaavoi Kwasi Ibrahim

When one of life’s key is left unturned
it renders it incomplete.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryAshish Verma

Happiness comes from within.
Inducing the key of joy
externally won’t last long.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryGirish Baliga

Persistence is key to success & happiness

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryMary Kirkpatrick

Tic tock I’m wound up like a clock.
When I unwind I will have peace of mind.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryJudy Abiera

smile is a key to get through the day
no matter how we feel.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryRohini J

Unlock the internal patterns of your mind
to see happiness in it’s true sense.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruarySreeparna Mazumder

Man is nothing but a lock and key toy
in the amber world.


Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryNeelam Mirani
Don’t keep the keys of your happiness
in somebody else’s pocket

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryJess
Happiness was there the entire time
right inside of me,
waiting for me to unlock it.

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryDivya Jain

Let the heart become the key
to unlock the human inside you.

Wise Pick For 25 Februaryispeakmymuses

He says he’s keyed to happiness,
but sadness dwells like a creep
that shows up at night!

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryShubham Lochib

Unlock the joy

Wise Pick For 25 FebruaryVibha Nasheen

The key to inner happiness
passes through the heart!


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